uk designer supplier inflating sleepsack

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RE: uk designer supplier inflating sleepsack

Unread postby karnautrahl » Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:21 am

This year I want to leather line the Casket.

However I also want a severe sleepsack.

The criteria are:
Inflating to varying pressures up to maximum safe for a fit man, but able to hold at any level.
Very high quality and sturdy. Something that I may part use alone but if used properly with a partner means I would be in real danger if not attended. Inescapable

I've a deep need for masochism via encasrment so even fingers are immobilized

Only orifice is for breathing tube.

Uk based, southwest and im prepared to take time to afford the best.
In addition after a leather one too. Later though
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