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Re: Copywrite of personal picture postings

Unread postby stephanie_cd » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:38 pm

DarkLizerd wrote:But, I discovered if you check the properties of the picture, there is a place for copyright info...
So, if you want your work protected, enter that info...

dhudson wrote:As to comments in pictures, I often do that but e.g. Twitter specifically strips all that information when posting. All EXIF information is stripped. Fetlife also does this, even stripping colorspace information.

I've seen the same thing on this site, as well as other sites, which probably has something to do with the way the files are uploaded. One of my digital cameras creates sequential file names like "Picture 1035" and "Picture 1036," but if I upload them elsewhere it creates a NEW file with another name like "23646_4637341", and I don't have access to the Properties window on that website to change it. Our custom avatar files on this forum have new five digit "names," and if I "right click/save" any pictures from here it creates a new file as well, which might have "my" file name but it's a new file created today, "modified" today, and with a blank Properties window.

DarkLizerd wrote:in some cases, the "stolen" pictures can lead people to your site, and could get you new subscribers...
Watermarks, included info, hidden texts... there are ways to tag a picture to identify ownership, but to track down
who is passing your work around is gona be much harder...

The "free advertising, new subscribers" angle is really a double-edged sword, but from everything that I've seen, any new subscribers are FAR outnumbered by loss of sales.

It IS hard to track down copies of pictures on other websites, but there are some relatively new reverse image search tools like and Google Image Search that make it easier!
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Re: Copywrite of personal picture postings

Unread postby d3vious.g3nius » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:49 am

dhudson wrote:Yes it is theft. No, you don't have right to share my photos. Or the music of some rock band. My photos and videos are property, intellectual property. If you don't want to buy my work, don't look at it. If you want to look at it, pay the fee. If you don't, you have stolen from me the amount of money of the fee. If I don't make money, I can't make new content and I've lost the capital invested to make what you stole.
It costs money to make content. Girls cost money (because they have rent to pay etc.). Cameras cost money to acquire and maintain as do lights. There are supplies ranging from seamless paper to gaffer tape to gels and most expensive of all the bulbs for the lights. Whereas in the film days I could shoot with my Nikon F3HP for decades (and did), digital is always changing. The Fuji S1 I bought in 2001 for $2K is long since junk. The Canon camcorder I use, I really should replace with a Blackmagic -- but if people don't buy my stuff because you stole it and gave it to them for free, I can't do that. Computers cost money -- video editing is VERY resource demanding and Adobe wants their money every month whether I sold content or you stole it and gave it for free.

The Constitution of the United States established that there are copyrights, trademarks and patents. If you copy someone's book that is published on paper and you print up copies for the cost of printing -- very cheap because you don't have to pay the author, the editors and book designers etc. -- you have stolen. It a lot easier with digital but it is still stealing.
You obviously aren't paying attention?! Copyright INFRINGEMENT and theft are two totally different crimes!

And surely ANYONE convicted or copyright infringement would rather be convicted of theft, the penalty for theft would be reasonable.

You're worried about you you you, but WE, as a nation, clearly NEED copyright AND patent reform. I'm not so sure on trademarks ;) And probably the abolishment of the whole "intellectual property" idea. As Closed_doors stated, you know the risks, and rewards, for posting on the internet and choose to do so of your own free will. Change your business model to ensue you at least recoup enough money to sustain profitability. Does it suck... I'm sure it does.

As an example, you know why at restaurants or in movies etc etc you rarely hear the song "Happy Birthday To You" sung??? Because the bogus copyright on it brings in an estimated TWO MILLION dollars a year! And counting... ... e-lawsuit/

If ANYONE wants an education on why I take this stance, bookmark these two links:

And... spend a MONTH reading them daily! Then you'll understand my point of view.

In summation dhudson, I don't look at your work, I don't copy it and least of all... I don't share it ;) So we're good, right?!
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Re: Copywrite of personal picture postings

Unread postby stephanie_cd » Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:16 pm

d3vious.g3nius wrote:...but WE, as a nation, clearly NEED copyright AND patent reform. I'm not so sure on trademarks ;) And probably the abolishment of the whole "intellectual property" idea.

The world is changing dramatically, thanks to technology -- but the US and 185 other countries are all more or less in agreement about copyright laws and intellectual property. (As mentioned above, just Google "Berne Convention" and "World Intellectual Property Organization.) It's going to take a lot more reform than "just" the US changing the rules, which certainly isn't going to happen overnight, or probably in our lifetimes.

d3vious.g3nius wrote:Then you'll understand my point of view.

I understand that your point of view is one that's based in your own biased reality -- a reality where YOU aren't making money from your own copyrighted (or trademarked) ideas, from your own websites, or from your own intellectual property. If you were, you'd almost certainly want to keep it!

I also understand that the two sites you linked are blogs that dress themselves up to look like legitimate news sources -- but they're still just blogs. :P

I find it amusing that a vocal minority of "have nots" wants to promote the outdated pseudo-socialist ideas that "everything should be free!" and "you shouldn't make money from THAT!" when the rest of the world, including the former Soviet Union and China, has embraced capitalism AND the internet. Thirteen of the fifteen countries that used to make up the USSR are now Berne Convention countries!

(Side note: if I had a dollar for every Cyrillic-language pharmaceutical ad that spammers tried to place ON THIS VERY SITE over the last few months, I'd have a few hundred dollars!)

I'm glad that Bondage Junkies, the site admin's pay site, is doing so well these days -- but if GU weren't so busy I'm sure he'd be posting about his own experiences and why he doesn't want people copying and distributing HIS site's content!

Sometimes I wish this forum locked threads after they were inactive for certain amount of time -- this one didn't accomplish anything the first time around, since apparently NOBODY said "sure, DarkLizerd, you can use my pictures!" -- and it doesn't look like it's accomplishing anything now.
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