Select BDSM clips of mine

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Select BDSM clips of mine

Unread postby dhudson » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:31 pm

I went through and redid the frame capture to give a better idea of what's in the clip for some of my earlier videos.
Cuffed: Lucy's Ruler Treatment (full length)Image

Handcuffs were a mild introduction to restraint with a good amount of smacking with the wooden ruler. The bondage got stricter in lucy bound (full length)Image

Two much more recent videos, very different (not just because they're HD):
HOGTIED - The Perils of Gia, part 1Image is pure rope bondage done quickly and inescapably.

Renee and the barsImage is a bondage blowjob with device rather than rope bondage.
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