"Captured" - Danielle Reid

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"Captured" - Danielle Reid

Unread postby dhudson » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:26 am

Image"Captured" - Danielle Reid
A pretty, petite, black girl walks down the street. A muscular white guy runs out from between a couple of parked cars and grabs her as she blithely walks past him. He hand gags her, lifts her off her feet and carries her off over his shoulder. Out of public view, her captor secures her wrists with a leather belt and gags her with a white cloth gag. He unbuttons her blouse and finds a white cotton bra. Gropes her, then unbuttons her skirt to find his favorite: white cotton panties. He plays with her and makes her cum then opens the back of the van and dumps her in so he can drive her off elsewhere for more 'fun'.
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