First time story. Let me know your thoughts on how I can im

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First time story. Let me know your thoughts on how I can im

Unread postby lotharj » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:40 am

Bedtime by LotharJ (D/s, cuff, pet, true)

I have been a pet to a fabulous owner for over 4 years now. My partner and I both have busy lives at work and family commitments that at times doesn't let us live out our true fantasies all the time. However bedtime for us is at least one slice of intimacy that we can always depend on to reconnect and demonstrate our passionate love for one another.

When I arrive home every evening I submit to my owner by undressing and having them lock a wide black silicone collar around my neck. This collar is very heavy, durable, and has a large d-ring attached to the front. On this ring my owner will usually lock a 6 foot long leather leash by which will be used as a primary means of control over me. My wrists will quickly be wrapped in large leather cuffs connected by a 8 inch small steel curb chain and secured then with padlocks. Finally my ankles will receive similar treatment with a large 18 inch chain that prevents me from moving quickly by allowing only a short stride. My owner then meticulously double checks all of the locks visually and physically by tugging on each. Attached to one of the ankle cuffs is a remote controlled shock device, which my owner will use to effortlessly punish me for breaking any rules or commands (No talking unless asked, not responding quick enough, or for when I simply get defiant) For the rest of the evening I am lead around like this throughout the house being teased and performing various chores, cooking dinner, and enjoying a few shows with my owner until bedtime.

When my owner gets tired, I will led into the bathroom where I am instructed to follow my usual routine of washing up, brushing teeth, and flossing. When these tasks are finished I am led to the bed.

Our bed has been outfitted at each corner with a seat belt retracting mechanism that allows my owner to easily pull cables from. The cables will allow being pulled out when they are only at the fully retracted position otherwise they will automatically tighten back and lock after being extended and attached to my cuffs.

When playing during the day or early evening my owner tends to detach my cuff set’s connecting chains and will quickly and effectively lock each of my four limbs cuffs to the corners of the bed in a spread eagle position. As I move around or struggle the retracting mechanism will automatically and greedily take up the slack producing a very taught connection rendering me ever more immobile for my owner's pleasure.

During bedtime, my owner will simply use the two corner cables on a single side of the bed to lock the already present connecting chains locking my set of ankle cuffs to the footboard and my wrist cuffs to the headboard. This allows me some mobility to roll over at night, but very limited movement otherwise. A charger cord is plugged into my shock device on my ankle cuff for an overnight refresh. Additionally my owner will reassure themselves I am secure by locking an additional 20 inch chain from my collar and locked to the headboard.

Finally my owner completes their nightly routine, climbs into bed, and wraps my leather leash around their wrist for safe keeping. While being in this completely bound and submissive position I am causally petted and asked to share details about my day with my owner and in turn shares their day and thoughts with me as well.

Some nights my owner will additionally slowly touch and explore my body, teasingly playing with my sensitive parts either leaving me frustrated it finishing me off as we then drift off to sleep.
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Re: First time story. Let me know your thoughts on how I ca

Unread postby Samster1975 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:47 pm

Bravo on your first story, sounds like a wonderful relationship! Thanks for the insight into your life. :)
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Re: First time story. Let me know your thoughts on how I ca

Unread postby Bindmeup07 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:27 am

Well written. Paint a picture that is easy to imagine and follow. I would like to read more about you experiences.

Thank you for sharing.
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Re: First time story. Let me know your thoughts on how I ca

Unread postby Natyropes » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:36 pm

Thank you LotharJ for your story. I like the detail with which you describe it.
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