Sיםרא הanilla-ish fantasy

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Sיםרא הanilla-ish fantasy

Unread postby lustmoments » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:10 pm

We meet in the restaurant at the hotel. I have been looking forward to this night and put on stockings, a garter, and tight short shirt in anticipation of seeing you.

I slide in next to you in the booth table and we order drinks. I look into your eyes and feel happy. And after some laughs and some drinks I feel tipsy too. So I move in closer. And closer once again until we are touching. You lean in and kiss me. I feel like I am in heaven. Then you whisper in my ear, "I want you to go to the ladies room and take your panties off. You can put them in your bag"

I get wet hearing this. I have been wanting to hear a man ask me to do this for a very long time. I am more than eager to grant your request so I stand up and head to the ladies room.

In the ladies room I lock a stall behind me. It requires some unsnapping and manuvering to get off my panties, but I do. They drop down to my high heels and I scoop them up and put them in my bag. They are moist. None of the women in the bathroom know what I am doing. I emerge from the stall and check out my blushed face in the mirror. I pat down my skirt and walk back to the table, feeling the breeze on my pussy.

You lean in and kiss me. Again, I feel like I am in heaven. Then you put your hand on my knee and begin to move it up my thigh. You push your hand up under my skirt and use two fingers to spread open my pussy lips. With a third finger you begin to explore my moistness, moving slowly and gently.

Your hand up my skirt and your fingers on my pussy feel divine. But can anyone see us? Where is the waiter? Wasn't there a waiter here a minute ago? Are we going to get in trouble?

I look up and see the waiter two table away from us. I close my legs but your hand remains there. He is looking right at us! And is that an expression of disgust on his face? Maybe not. He has turned his head and is moving away now. and I relax my legs and part them slightly, giving you just enough room to move your fingers.

You continue to kiss my face and massage my pussy. I am very excited and wet. I am sure I could come very quickly if I were able to spread my legs wide, throw my head back and take some deep breaths. I wish so badly that you could take your other hand and use it to pinch my nipples. But you can't. People would see that and we might get kicked out of here.

While I am fantasizing about your fingers squeezing my nipples you lean into my ear and whisper again. "I want you to take the hotel key and go upstairs. I want you to take off your shirt and lie on the bed face-down. I will be there soon.

I straighten up and again press down my skirt. I get up and move across the floor, suppressing an urge to run. I look back once I get to the lobby and see you paying the bill. Your eyes come up and meet mine and you smile. I turn towards the elevators and make my way across the lobby.
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