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RE: Rigid Cuffs for Sale

Unread postby gaggedutopia » Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:13 am

Mark from SeriousBondage.com send me an email tonight that I wanted topass along to anyone who might be interested.  I will note thatyou must be in the San Fransisco area to purchase or look at theseitems.  Here is what he sent me:

[quote=Mark @ SeriousBondage]I have a big selection of metal bondagegear for sale in San Francisco. Most of the gear is from Martin inGermany – his famous aluminum “Rigid Cuff” gear. It’s all used, but ingood condition. I am selling it for Martin, so I’m not able tonegotiate on the price. Below is a web page which lists all the gearand the sizes, 13 pieces in all. This is a cash sale,first-come-first-serve on any piece or all the pieces. I will not holdany of the gear – cash only and take it away with you. As I said, allof the gear is in San Francisco, and you are welcome to come look at itand try it on, but if you don’t bring cash with you then please don’tcome. (sorry, this is not an opportunity for anyone to get a freebondage session, this is about selling the gear)

http://www.jg-leathers.com/MartinsRigidCuffs/ForSale/index.h tm

If you enjoy serious bondage gear, this is an opportunity to buy theentire collection of gear in one swoop if you are so inclined. If youorder this gear from Martin one piece at a time, it will take a longtime because he makes each piece custom, and with the poordollar-to-euro exchange rate and shipping it will cost a lot more.

Note that some of the gear is made for petite women. [/quote]
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