Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

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Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby IndoRaptor » Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:01 am

Hi there,

I'm a 23-year-old male living in Ottawa, Canada. I'm looking for friendly and passionate guys nearby who are into Mummification and wrapping. I can wrap you or to be wrapped. But mostly I prefer wrapping others.

I have several sleep sacks(from maxcita), sj and body bags(made of canvas, leather, cotton, plastic) and lots of sheets that can be used for wrapping. I only do full-body encasement and wrapping from head to toe. You will be fully covered. No escape.
If you are interested in another way of full-body wrapping. Let me know!
If you have your own bondage setup that I don't own or don't know, I really want to see and talk about it.
I'm open to all discussions about mummification bondage. Let's share the hobby together.

I may take photos and share them online but don't worry it won't reveal your identity. I only take photos when the person to be mummified is fully wrapped. I will let you see and decide which photo is appropriate to upload.
I also film the whole mummification process from the beginning to the end, but it won't reveal your identity as well. You will be covered head to toe under a sheet while I start filming. I can wrap you in the sheet first then start filming and mummifying you. I will also let you watch and decide the whole video before uploading it to the internet.

I'm neither a dom nor sub, just looking for playmates and friends who are interested in mummification

If you are interested, feel free to talk with me.

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Re: Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby omega8 » Thu May 14, 2020 7:56 pm

We should certainly PM each other as I do get up into the Ottawa time to time and would to be wrapped up.
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Re: Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby TapeKing » Fri May 15, 2020 3:48 am

Sounds like a fantastic time. Wish I was closer.
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Re: Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby mummygirlToronto » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:22 pm

hi! Despite my name I moved to Ottawa few years ago.

You mentioned guys only, are you open to play with women?
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Re: Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby costumedandbound » Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:18 pm

mummygirlToronto, I'm in Peterborough (not that far!), will PM you.
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Re: Looking for mummification playmates in Ottawa

Unread postby ColonelShuffle » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:06 pm

Hey there!

Just came across this, albeit a bit late. I’m also in Ottawa, and would love to chat about mummification with a fellow mummy enthusiast! What you’ve described here sounds super exciting, I’d love to chat and hopefully when this pandemic is drawing to an end and travel bans have lifted maybe we could meet up for a mummification session?
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