Any sissies out there?

Because boys will be girls will be boys.

Any sissies out there?

Unread postby southern_sub_gurl » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:29 am

Hi There!

Ok, so I wanted to see who else out there enjoys being a sissy, realizing it's a part of crossdressing but in and of itself a different, *ahem, discipline therein. What about being a sissy do you love most? Is it the frills, the lace, the over-the-top femininity of it all? How about purely the act of sissification? Are you self-sissified or do you have a partner that wants, or forces, you to be a sissy? What are your favorite things to wear when in sissy mode? Obviously there's the sissy dress in all its frilly glory, but what sets yours apart, is it extra frilly, have a petticoat that wouldn't fit through a french door, or perhaps does it lock on with no escape until keys are obtained? I hope to meet some other sissies out there, realizing while it is a possibility I am betting I am not the only one on the forum that enjoys being a sissy princess at times :-). Hope to hear from my sissy sisters soon!!!

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Re: Any sissies out there?

Unread postby SexySabrina » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:33 am

For me it's the fact of being available for MEN while dressed in lingerie. I love sucking COCK in lingerie. I love it when MEN cum all over my face while I'm wearing lingerie. I would love to have a job as a secretary for a MAN in which I could dress as a little fairy princess all in pink and be at his beck and call to suck his COCK and balls whenever he demands it of me. What would make it more perfect is if there were a group watching and I was being called all kinds of degrading sissy names and such and forced to do things with him and the audience.

I would love to be decked out in a sissy outfit and tied up or locking in the high heels and nylons and lef in the woods for a group of MEN to find me and use me as they see fit.
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