seeking female sub in NOR/SWE/DEN age 18-26

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seeking female sub in NOR/SWE/DEN age 18-26

Unread postby officer.pnp » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:11 am

Hello, I'm quite new to BDSM, even though I have some experience with the bondage part of it.
I am 26 years of age and live in Norway.
According to BDSMtest(dot)org I'm placed >95% Brat tamer, Rigger, Dominant, Sadist, Master, Owner 70%<94% Degrader, Voyer, Daddy

As one of my hobbies i like to make "things"(read furniture, cages, restrains, other impliments) from steel, aluminium, wood, rope and I also do some leatherwork and elektronics so here is it just the fantasy that sets the limits.

Here is a little rant/list of things I like: Cages, subs in said cages, disobeying subs that need to be thought a lesson(the hard way), cuddles is also nice, maybe some age play?, ddlg, dripping wet subs becase they are not allowed to play with themselves, pets (even though I dont have any atm)++++

if intrested, post a reply ;)
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