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Bondage without ropes

Unread postby restricted » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:01 pm

I have had a quiet Christmas. I haven't seen my family. I was going to my sons but his wife decided to get her friends in and they don't have much room. I said that as I would be the only one on their own, I'd be a wet blanket so I declined. My daughter didn't want to know. Not hat I would have gone there.

Christmas Day saw me at the Cremetorium checking my wife's rose bush. But when I got back, I started to think. I needed to have fun. So I loaded all my clothes carefully into bags and took them into my shed and hung them up, leaving me with just the clothes I was wearing.

When it got dark, I changed into a skirt, blouse etc and took my last remnants of male clothing to the shed. I had to be careful as that point the security camera at the back and my neighbours could see me. I dashed back to safety thinking I would be okay as I wake up while it is still dark so I could go out and retrieve some of my clothes. Unfortunately, I must have drunk too much as I woke up when it was broad daylight. It was 09.30. Both my side neighbours had their families round lat6er, but I never had the courage to go and get my clothes before they arrived. One side was sweeping thier back garden. Although it is fenced off, we can see each other. (Until the plants grow filling in the trellis work)

So all day long I was wearing my skirt and blouse and my new pinny doing my housework. Trapped as it were by my own mistakes. Still it was enjoyable and scary when someone knocked at the door. Luckily I nver had the TV on so they must have thought I was out.

Thank you to one of my contacts for giving me the idea.
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