Your Buying Experiences

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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Leopard99 » Sun May 20, 2012 8:41 am

BondageBaby22 wrote:I am looking to buy some heels but I'm not sure where I can get them in my size, I am a men's 9.5 , 9 at a squeeze. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, I nearly have a complete outfit to lost some pictures of.

If that's US9 then there should no problems finding stuff. Just remember the difference between US womens and US mens sizes.

If you're in the UK then UK9 is fairly common - I'm UK9/EU43 and have bought in mainstream shops such as Next, Clarks and Hush Puppies. Depends on what sort of style you want. The shops I have mention have mainstream styles. Next size EU43 are often fairly roomy. At the opposite extreme some vendors equate UK9 to EU42 and these tend to run small. The worst offender I have found is Aldo where their UK9/EU42 are closer to UK7 than UK8.

If you want "kinky" shoes as against mainstream then there is no problem getting larger sizes. In the UK suppliers such as Alternative Footwear and several others sell a wide range. Has a lot of guidance on larger size heels but be aware that it's a fashion site so don't mention fetish.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby bondexcite » Sun May 20, 2012 5:07 pm

I don't have much to remember of my buying experience, the first thing i bought was a nice white knee high socks. I think that is very girl oriented so it was kinda exciting. I always fond of school girl uniform look so to get the whole experience I bought a proper girl soft semi spandex knee high socks. Then the black shoes to match for the uniform. for the uniform itself i sorta borrowed from my elder sis. but after a while i like to try different style then i would go out do more shopping but so far i never really have much problem although sometimes i do get nervous. Nowadays I limit my consumption but when i do shop i usually just act dumb and do it as if i know what i am doing although i did get the size wrong once or twice. When you act like you know what you doing it sort of give the vibe that 'Yeah i bought this because somebody told me to, she knows what she wants and i ma here just because i need to"
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby BondageBaby22 » Sat May 26, 2012 10:27 pm

Today I went into town and bought some lingerie from a local shop. I love buying things that are obviously feminine, you can't get more feminine than lingerie.

I bought two bras in a 34c (big enough to fill out slightly) and two frilly thongs to complete the
I am pretty sure the shopkeeper knew that they were for me, it only adds to the buying experience
I'm looking forward to doing a photoshoot wi them on.
I am now wearing female clothing under my normal clothes regularly, it feels great.

How do you feel when you wear women's clothes?
What do you wear and when?
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby EGL_Maid » Mon May 28, 2012 1:40 am

I mostly buy online, but I have bought a few things more or less locally. I generally don't worry too much about smaller things, like bras, nylons, etc... There are any number of reasons why a guy would need to pick up a bra for someone, and I have been known to use cheap nylons as air filters for electronics. Of course, depending on what attitude someone may theoretically have when asking me about my purchases, I might not have any problem telling them the truth. Cosplay / cross-play isn't that weird anymore, so there's less to worry about (especially where I'm living now, there's a much bigger LGBT community around here).

I usually won't bother trying to buy off the rack for clothes anyway, since my proportions are off. I can't even find men's clothing that fits right 90% of the time. I'm 5'11, and my arms are correctly proportioned for someone 6'2, or even 6'3; good luck finding a shirt or blouse that doesn't come down to my knees and fit like a tent by the time the arms are long enough.

Fortunately, regular clothes I can alter myself (I can sew and alter pretty well, but not make full pieces of clothing yet). The things that I want to look nice I'll order with custom fitting.

What really gets me is buying shoes. I have a 25cm foot, which fits a women's size 9 almost exactly, but is only around a size 7 1/2 men's. However, I have never met a men's shoe under size 10 - 10 1/2 that I could even begin to fit my foot in. Why can't we just have our shoe sizes in units of measure like sensible countries?
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Cd Tammy » Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:41 am

When I need to grab tights or pantyhose, we have K-marts, Walmarts and Krogers with self checkouts. I often buy stuff at thrift stores, I'm sure they just think it is for a girlfriend or daughter. I don't live in an area that is very tolerant of crossdressing. I have gotten brave a couple times at Target and slipped on a pair of shoes.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Mermaid » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:03 pm

My first one was a sort of beige bridesmaid's dress from a charity shop. I had a perfectly innocent look on my face and they seemed happy enough to serve me. although it was a shame I didn't try it on there and then because it was obviously made for a petite lady and I couldn't zip it up and the back. But charity shops were on the whole a good place to go. Later on I got a black evening gown and a red evening gown from various charity shops.

The only other kind of venue I've shopped at are fancy dress shops. I got a bit of a strange look getting a mermaid costume. But my Morticia Addams dress was obtained with no trouble at all!
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby BoundJ » Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:48 pm

take a list and ask the assistant for help they will never suspect a thing :) then at the counter just make a bad joke
"next time she can do the shopping herself"
I've done that a few times when buying feminine items.
The rules don't apply when your are wearing 6inch heels :)
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby elviratv » Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:38 pm

I came to this thread a bit late, sorry about that.
Your money is as good as anybody else and cross-dressing is not illegal. Buy what you like and remember there is a recession going on and they really want your money!
I shop for shoes in normal shoe shops and expect to try before I buy. I get the odd funny look form time to time, but mostly the staff are fine.
I e-mailed Schuh to see what their policy is and they basically are happy to sell to high heels to anybody who wants to buy them. The staff there are normally great.
I don't try on womens clothes in stores, because I don't want to cause a problem with the changing room, but I have no problem holding stuff up against me to gauge the fit.

A lot of this is down to your attitude. Shop like you have god given right. Be nice to people and talk openly about what you are after. If you get good service, go back again. One she shop used to hold boots back for me because she learned my style. An Estee Lauder saleswoman always gave me free samples. Everybody likes a happy shopper who is spending money.

If your nervous, then shop at another city. Nobody knows you and if they get crazy, just walk out.

Don't forget that shop assistants sometimes have bad days though, whatever you are buying.

Shopping is fun and a really feminine experience.

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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Tied85 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:12 pm

The poster above is completely correct. If you walk in to a shop like you own the place and just start browsing nobody says a thing. I've been buying women's clothing and shoes in high street shops in the UK for years now and I've never had a single funny look or comment thrown my way. I bought some boots at a cheap store the other night and the woman serving me said "Size 7, yeah?" while giving me a dirty look. I simply replied with "Yep, cheers", smiled, and continued the purchase as normal. She didn't say another word after that.

It's not illegal and if anyone asks, it's a gift. Some places even ask you if you want a gift receipt which always makes the transaction a bit more relaxing for me. But then I sort of like the 'thrill' of buying the kinkiest outfits possible in front of everyone! :D
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby AliceInBondageLand » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:20 am

Any time I have taken a crossdressing friend or partner shopping at a classy department store, we have been treated like queens... places like Wallmart/Kmart have been slightly rude or simply had bad service to begin with. :-)
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby badstone » Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:59 pm

to stephanie_cd you said a long time ago "[my reaction] is a direct result of other people's inability to use the English language correctly"
I think I'm in love. With the English language, of course, Stephanie...
No one respects the King's English, no one bothers to speak it any longer, we're are all doomed to one day live in Idiotsville; however, by then no one will be smart enough to notice, and English, as a tongue, will be dead.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby enigmaPOJ » Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:05 am

My wife and I shop for clothes together together and helps pickup my feminine attire. Usually not a problem in our area. (NYC Area). The most helpful salespeople have been Lane Bryant, Hot Topic/Torrid (great for some fetish outfits), and of course any local fetish stores like Purple Passion in Manhattan. We've bought items from Target and Wal-Mart, but salespeople there are pretty much clueless no matter who you are in general. Makeup/nail polish, I've talked to salespersons even without my wife present at Whole Foods (the one by us has a huge cosmetic section) and very helpful (knowing makeup was for me and I have extremely sensitive skin plus I don't like the smell of most makeup.) Positive experience at Harmon Cosmetics too for nail polish and my new favorite, Gels :D
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Dutch » Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:45 pm

Wow what a fun and educating read this thread is, wait, honest question, is this a thread. Ohh crap please dont be mad at me, I am new to so much of this.

I turns out, I, Like some here am a crossdresser, with a bit of a transvestite in me as well, but for some reason I find the later an ugly word. Crossdresser seems ok to me but what the hell do I know and I get my feelings hurt easy. (Im not your typical construction worker).

I love the feeling of wearing womens clothes, they feel so soft and nice and sexy. But as far as wearing them and trying to look like a woman....well I have not yet but did just order my first wig. So I guess that in all opinions here will make me a transvestite. Yes I do want to do the make up and everything, and I want my wife (mistress) to drop me off in public dressed this way, so that I have to walk and find my own way home. This does scare the hell out of me, but as it turns out she wants to humiliate me a bit for her pleasure. This only seems fair for all she has done for me.

Now I have only bought on the internet, shoes, corset, wig, dress, but never in public in a store. Not only that but what about the make up. It is one thign to tell the clerk the dress is for your wife, but no guy ever buys makeup for his wife, so has any one ever done that? Maybe my wife can stand back and watch me buy some stuff before having me get dressed up and walking home. I think I will be plenty embarressed just buying anything at a store.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Frank » Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:31 pm

I will on occasion buy a piece of makeup when I do my regular shopping for food and supplies. With a cart full of food, laundry detergent, and bathroom supplies a single bottle of nail polish or perfume doesn't stand out. I'm just doing some shopping and the cashier is just ringing up products.

If someone does question a makeup product, say it's for a niece. Guaranteed you'll get a "awww, how sweet!" response.

Plus with Halloween coming up no one questions odd purchases. It's for a costume!
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Heels4me2 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:53 am

Shopping in the UK for womens clothes comes very naturally to me. I've escorted girls/women while they've shopped for many years. In fact I'm much more comfortable in a womans shop than a man's.

I've completely dressed as a girl, several times while I was young, with fresh tight skin. (Tranny mode). Older and wiser, I realise the thing I liked most, was the feeling of constriction in what I was wearing. Never with a corset, but long bra and panty girdle with suspenders and hose .... Wow, what a sensation! So I too like tight skirts, and tight tops, and that means cross-dressing of course. Shoes with a heel are a must. I don't wear skirts out, but I do wear high heels out.

Over the last couple of years I've gotten interested in 'dressing up' again. Not actually done it, but been out shopping for bits. Bought a dress in a town where less-than-manly-men would have been very unwelcome. I just asked if the dress could be returned if it didn't fit. (Yes, you have 14 days.) It fitted, and I still have it.

Bought foundation wear from Matalan and Primark. Always a gamble because this stuff can't be returned. Fortunately, it was cheap, and most of it fitted.

Not had a blink from anyone. Worst situations are returns to store. Often, to prevent fraud (?) your personal details are required. I pay cash, and provide an old address and a name not unlike mine. Had to return this lovey dress to Miss Selfridge recently. (Didn't want to, but couldn't justify the cost given how likely it was to get used.) I had all the "she couldn't get it over her head" reason for return planned. Wasn't asked a thing. In fact I was able to have a giggle with the assistant, because she made a sarcastic comment to her colleague that went right over his head. It was all, very very easy.

As others have said, it really is about confidence. Someone stop me buying tights at Tesco? Could never happen. I even took some back to Wilkinsons two years ago, with a complaint that they weren't fit for purpose. I got the refund, without ANY remark about who they weren't fit for ....

You will see this written many times about this cross-dressing lark. We are our ourselves, our biggest problem when it comes to dealing with others. I'm getting too old to care/worry what others think about my style choices. Sounds a bit morbid but ... I don't want to go to my grave thinking; "I wish I'd done this, I wish I'd done that." Especially since the only stopper, is me. As others have already mentioned, my money is as good as anyones, and shop keepers would prefer my money in their till than in my pocket.

Sadly, my immediate regret is taking that Miss Selfridge dress back. :D Really looked good!
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Tied85 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:36 pm

Dutch wrote: Not only that but what about the make up. It is one thign to tell the clerk the dress is for your wife, but no guy ever buys makeup for his wife, so has any one ever done that? Maybe my wife can stand back and watch me buy some stuff before having me get dressed up and walking home. I think I will be plenty embarressed just buying anything at a store.

I've only ever bought makeup for myself once and when I did I bought the whole lot in one go; eye shadow and blush palette, eye liner, lipstick, brushes and removal wipes. The assistant did the usual "Hello how are you?", we chatted for a bit about the weather and then I left with the items in a bag. She likely knew they were for me (who buys makeup wipes as a gift?) but didn't care. The main thing she was thinking about was likely when her shift was finishing!
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby Hertoy » Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:23 pm

I don't go out crossdressed anymore because I just can't pass anymore so when I buy something it's usually hosiery, lingerie or dancewear. Never head any issues in the local stores actually ran into a nice young woman working at a dancewear shop whom I had chatted up a bit at one of the local fetish clubs in NYC.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby cdleesa » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:09 pm

Well thank god for the 21st Century!!!

I can now buy clothes (in the UK) from eBay and have them sent to the local Argos and can pick them up at my leisure.

The have all sorts of slutty apparel and I don't have to explain anything to anyone.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby slave joanna » Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:45 am

A huge part of my training is public humiliation. Though i am not passable as a female i am always in appropriate undergarments when i am taken on a "supervised outing" by Mistress. On one occasion W/we had an entire day of shopping/ dinning in a nice restaurant for lunch/ more shopping/ and a late afternoon drink or two. i was wearing a very pretty pair if pink panties, a tight mid thigh girdle with suspenders, and rose color nylons. In O/our late morning shopping we visited two lingerie shops where i was subjected to many "hold for view" experiences. This is where Mistress holds a garment in front of me at its appropriate level (panties below the waist--bras in front of my chest--etc.) to see how they might look on me. She also asks questions, using my nick name "jo" seeking my "opinion on the garments style, color, or fit, for example. You can well imagine that the sales staff and the women shopping in that department are keenly aware of what is going on--with the certainty of some that i am under Female Authority. If i am being "uncooperative" in my training exercise or attempt to answer Her questions in an inaudible voice, She begins using a firm "slave joanna" when addressing me.

In O/our first store i purchased 2 pair of new panties and a very firm control punishment girdle. In O/our second store i purchased a pair of taupe control top pantyhose. W/we were then off to the men's department for the purpose of trying on a new pair of pants, but before entering the try-on booth Mistress handed me the pair of mint green panties i had purchased, my new panty hose, and my Maidenform hi-waist boy shorts. These, She said would need to be put on for the remainder of O/our shopping day--with all tags from the garments and the package of my pantyhose were to be left on the try-on bench when i was finished with my exercise. When i was in my new pants i was to come out for my review without wearing my shoes to verify that i was now wearing pantyhose. my former garments would be turned over to Her at that time.

Literally i could not believe my ears at being assigned this training task--and it was impossible to conceal the three garments i would be changing into. The booth was just that--a booth! It had wide gaps on either side of the door, the latch was phony, and the openings below and above the door were gigantic. i had no choice, but determined that i would undress and dress in as organized a manner as i could. i removed my shoes and put them under the bench neatly and hung my pants on the hook provided. Next i unhooked the garter tabs of my girdle to release one stocking at a time and smoothed each nylon past each knee to then take them by their toe to draw them off. i wiggled out of my tight girdle. As i took my panties off to replace them with the new mint green ones i noticed my pink painted toe nails, as did other males trafficking in the area (i was sure). i was humiliated, but my task was not complete . i unpackaged my pantyhose and multi folded each leg carefully over my right hand until i could guide the toe in place and smooth them over my heels. The try-on booth was so small i could not bend forward enough and had to sit "side saddle" and alternate from left to right and visa versa to bend over to get my pantyhose toe seams lined up properly and to get the sheer nylon smoothed alternately to my knees so i could stand to get them the rest of the way up. i did have present of mind to make sure my pantyhose was going on straight, as there are few things less comfortable than ending up with a twist in my panties, especially if they are control top. i wiggled into my tight panty and the cotton diamond patch was both in line and body hugging through my crotch. my new girdle was the required one size too small and had a double layer spandex front. It was indeed firm control, but the smoothness of my nylons and panty portion of my pantyhose allowed me to glide it on with amazing ease and a minimum of wiggling. Even though i was feeling totally humiliated i had a funny thought--wondering if Superman had as much trouble with the spandex of his suit as he surly must have had to wiggle into it in the "near by phone booths" he exited from. i put on the pants i would soon model for Mistress and my pink painted toe nails did not escape my attention and my increased level of humiliation. i had specific instructions from Mistress to not put on my shoes and could only pray that the department was not busy while i modeled my new pants--and the absolute reality of being under Female Authority. Mistress did, as i knew She would, make me model my dress pants fully--to include bending over so She could see how they fit in back. With no belt on my beige Maidenform girdle was exposed a full 6" above my belt line. The sales person was female and i am absolutely positive that she was fully aware that i was wearing a femme girdle, pantyhose, and panties--to say nothing of my nylon clad pink toe nails.

i have been wearing panties my entire adult life, even to work. To think that co workers and other women have not noticed my obvious panty lines would be delusional, yet it is still absolutely fearful to go into a lingerie department without being under total Female Authority. i do notice when i am under Mistress supervision the sales help are nearly always relaxed and even curious. Often Mistress receives nod, smiles, and other non verbal signs of approval by sales women--and more than once i have received looks of sternness or female authority from those same women. At least this is my perception.
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Re: Your Buying Experiences

Unread postby SexySabrina » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:37 am

I have bought panties, nylons, high heels and wigs. No one has ever asked me if they were for me. I wish someone would have.
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