Continue watching BDSM porn?

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Continue watching BDSM porn?

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Should I continue watching BDSM porn, I know porn is acting and not real life, which is why you can pick some bad habits from it. Given your experience guys, what things should I watch out for?


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Re: Continue watching BDSM porn?

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I don't understand what your question is.

Are you asking the group if we think it is okay to watch porn in general?
Or are you asking if you specifically should be allowed to do something?

Many people consider porn to be degrading and exploitive to women. The feeling is that by watching the porn you are supporting the industry that exploits vulnerable people. It is a similar argument to prostitution, that if there wasn't such a demand for it then women wouldn't fall prey to it.

I alleviate my guilt by looking at videos created by individuals, of themselves, in a non-commercial environment. and are examples where individuals will post home made videos that I find just as enjoyable, often even more enjoyable, than the commercial videos. I find it much more enjoyable to watch people of average build rather than super skinny models.

Now, if the question is really if YOU should be allowed to, well that would require a lot more background. Looking at a little porn here and there in the privacy of your home usually isn't a problem. It can become a problem if you end up spending so much time doing it that you neglect your responsibilities. It can be an even greater issue if you are married and/or have children and your porn habit is causing resentment from your spouse. It can be a MAJOR problem if you start trying to look at porn while at work.

I was in that middle ground, where I was spending too much time, some years back. That was when I started chastity control with my wife as a keyholder. Along with the chastity control I gave her control of my drinking (which was also an issue) and porn viewing. I was no longer allowed to hide in my home office anymore. As getting an erection was uncomfortable, and I couldn't masturbate, looking at porn became considerably less desirable. Plus, if my wife caught me at it then it would lead to additional punishment. That really changed my habits.

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