Fantasies of a wanna be house dog

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Fantasies of a wanna be house dog

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I'm deeply into the thoughts of being a 24/7 pet slave to a person who has all the means of providing me the whole experience of being a complete dog. I want owner who can leash me up securely whenever they are going out, who would mitt lock my hands forever and never let me walk on my two legs. I want to feel the restrictions and limitations of being someones owned property. I can never walk the roads freely without my owners, I can never see the world without my owner. I want this typ

I;m open to talk about this fantasy here, like carrying out the roleplay chatting.

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Re: Fantasies of a wanna be house dog

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This is a beautiful fantasy although difficult put into practice 24/7.
A collar could be worn 24 hours a day and could be tied to something while the owner leaves the house...but have you ever tried to walk on 4 legs for a short period of time? Maybe with a little practice you could do it for a few hours in my opinion.

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