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and, btw, the hood I'm wearing on this avatar is my Car Tube Hood

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Hardware store bondage is fun and all... But you might be surprised how little it costs to make yourself really nice leather restraints instead. I find it incredibly enjoyable too.

Leather gear costs a lot because it's a ton of work to do it well. The raw materials aren't too pricy. The more time you spend, the nicer it comes out. Here's a quick rundown to make basic cuffs!

Head over to They sell really great bondage hardware. D rings and buckles are 50 cents to a dollar. Let's keep it simple, so choose 1 inch welded d rings and the 1 inch roller buckle. Buy some medium rivets too.

Buy 3 inch wide full grain vegetable tanned leather strap, in 6/7oz weight or 8/9oz weight. The weight is actually the thickness. eBay or Tandy leather stores is a good source. You can get a 54 inch long 3 inch wide strap off eBay for 20 bucks shipped, and it's enough for a full set of 4 cuffs. Plus extra.

I have a ton of special tools for leather work, but you don't absolutely need it. You do need a razor sharp knife and a hole punch. Get an exacto knife and a rotary hole punch from any hobby store.

Take your 3 inch strap and cut it lengthwise with a razor to make 2 straps. One 1 inch wide one 2 inch wide.

For wrists cuffs, cut 2x9. Ankles 2x11. This fits basically everyone.

Now you need buckle straps! For wrist, 1x12, ankle 1x14.

If you wet veg tanned leather with water, you can bend and mould it into shapes. Just damp it with a wet sponge, it doesn't need to soak! Wet the buckle straps for the next step.

Mark your buckle straps 1.5 inch from the end and fold it over. This holds your buckle. Punch holes to create a slot for the buckle. Clean up the buckle slot with your razor until it looks nice. On the opposite end, punch holes spaced 0.5 inches apart to complete the cuff buckle strap. When the leather dries, it'll stay folded over for your buckle.

Install your buckle and rivet it in place.

Now rivet the buckle strap to your cuff. The buckle should be flush with the end of the cuff, not over hanging. Put the d ring in the middle and rivet it down on both sides.

Done! Super basic, but really pretty nice cuffs.

Want nicer? Wet the edges with a sponge and let them slightly dry. Now rub the edge like crazy with an old pair of jeans or scrap denim. You'll get a smooth polished edge. Nicer? Sew in a suede liner. Even nicer? Dye the whole thing with leather dye.

After you work leather, it has to be oiled. Use olive oil. Seriously. It's one of the best leather conditioners. Just a couple light coats does it, it soaks in fully and won't feel oily.

The rest is personal, and a bit of art. But that'll get you real, secure bondage leather cuffs for about 30 bucks. Not bad!

Now install them on someone and spank them silly.

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