Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

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Have you tried the chair idea. :?:

One I used to do a lot when I was younger, after seeing a lasso act at the circus, you will need a lot of room for this (e.g. a long hallway leading into a large room)and a very long rope (100 or so feet), I used to do this in our back garden.
Get your long rope make a slip knot in one end an form a large loop then form a small loop just big enough to slip both your hands/wrists through. Hook the fixed loop at chest height to something solid (I use to use a tree with a hook screwed in)and then run out the rope. Pass the loop with the slip knot over your arms and chest just above your elbows and pull back until it is tight. then take the rope form a loop and work it over your arms down to your elbows and pull back until it is tight and your elbows are together, form another loop and work this over your wrists and pull back until it is tight. Now form another loop (from here on it gets difficult)and lift your leg and work it up as high up your thigh as possible before pulling back, do the same with the other leg (I would recommend wearing tight briefs doing this, I trapped a bollock once and nearly became a soprano), you now need to do the same working the loops to just above the knee and then another loop you hop into and work up to your ankles and tighten. now start hopping around in circles winding the rope around you, try and keep it as taught as you can once you can grab it with your hands keep winding at this level until the hooked loop is in front of you (you may have to pull back tightening the loops still more to achieve this). Now a little bit of frustration, flip the rope until the loop comes off the hook and feed the rope back to your hands and work your hands through until the loop is around your wrists.
You should now be quite well bound and if you lower yourself to the ground and fall on your side you are not going to be able to stand up again. I used to hop down the garden a short way and then drop to the ground and worm my way to my knife when I wanted to get free.
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

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Doing some self bondage later this evening.i have the time lock in the freezer..any rope ideas?

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

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Tie rope around your anckles and tie them to your balls really tight so it hurts. Your knees should be stuck bent with ankles tied directly to balls. The time lock should be used to to bind your wrist above head to bed or rafter.

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