Maledom erotica worldbuilding concepts

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Maledom erotica worldbuilding concepts

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I'm trying to write a sci-fi setting in which I can write many different stories. One entire planet has a strictly male-dominated culture that invades and conquers a planet with a strictly female-dominated culture. The maledom world is technologically advanced while the femdom world is essentially medieval.

There will be a sort of mystery sub-plot involving a maledom archaeologist researching similarities between both world's creation myths and a biologist that realizes they really are the same species. In the end, they find out that they are from the same planet and aliens separated them eons ago and engineered their cultures as an experiment to see which would develop faster and ultimately dominate the other. The obvious joke is the biggest reason why I'm nervous about this story being read by people who aren't already into maledom stories. Just imagine if the wrong determined feminist were to read a novel-length story with that kind of twist ending. I'd have to move and change my name. Do ya'll think it's better to just leave that part out?

I'm still working on fleshing out both worlds/cultures. Whenever we see hyper-masculinized cultures in sci-fi or fantasy, they are usually savage and barbaric (if you know of any exceptions to this that don't suck, please let me know). I'm trying to write mine so it's more civilized, like a patriarchal Federation from Star Trek. Duels are legal and quite common, a term of state service is compulsory for men, and there's very little distinction between the military and civilian government. Although war, as we understand it, is a thing of the past (at least until they discover a planet of male slaves that need to be rescued) the patriarchal government reserves vast swaths of land for the use of staging wars as a sport where men that want to can knowingly risk their lives for fame, glory, and honor with no negative impact on the non-fighting population. The death rate amongst males is still much higher than for females but men that die in duels or staged wargames know what they are getting themselves into. All adult men will name a close male friend or relative that will inherit and protect his woman/women should he die.

Automation and technology have ended the need for most men to work but after a period of instability and crime, the Patriarchal Council came to the conclusion that men need something meaningful to occupy their time. An AI-assisted system was put in place that equally divided what little necessary work there was between all men as well as establishing a large-scale education program that strongly recommends and incentivizes men to spend their excess idle time learning new skills that make the society stronger as a whole. The concept of "everyman a king" is central to this culture but they are all taught that that includes the duties and responsibilities of a king, in addition to the power and freedom.

The women of this society are generally happy and accept their roles, completely confident in their own safety and security, with almost any luxury they could want available to them, hardly any stress to speak of, and their only real responsibility is to serve and obey the men and raise children. I'm considering adding additional free use elements, like maybe it's the man's choice whether his women are publicly available or not, having them wear some universally recognized signifier like a black collar or something like that so other men know she's available to be taken for sex but still already owned. There's a handful of more possessive men that keep their women for themselves, perhaps signified by a white collar, but the norm is to either mark their women for free use or at least share them with friends, thus all men enjoy a great deal of sexual variety while also having their own harem to take care of and grow closer to. The men are generally loving and gentle with their women. That's one of the things that should make the stories fun is that these men have only known obedient and pliant submissives, but upon discovering the horror of a society that enslaves and mistreats its men for the vanity and greed of its women, they are justified (not objectively, obviously, but by their own internal culture and standards) in enslaving, punishing and subjugating all of the evil, barbaric tyrants. I'd love to hear anyone else's criticisms and thoughts on a futuristic, hypermasculine yet civilized, maledom society. I'm trying to write it as realistically as possible without sacrificing any of the fun stuff.

I haven't fleshed out the femdom world as much other than that it's generally more sadistic and savage towards the male sub-class. Strong religious institutions bolster the Matriarchy and prevent most males from even thinking about rebellion (obey your mistress or you're going to hell). There'd likely be an unhealthy focus on aesthetics over substance, form over function. They'd have more beautiful clothes, art, gardens, and architecture than you'd expect but at the cost of less time and resources going into more important things. If anyone has any thoughts on what an entire planet that's always been female-dominated, propped up by religious beliefs, would be like, I'd love to hear them.

I figure I'll pick two of the name generators, one for both planets, at for the names but I want to pick name generators that fit both societies. The LOTR elvish name generator, or a bunch of others, would work fine for the femdom world, as it just needs to sound more feminine and medieval but I can't think of any that fit the maledom world. Does anyone know of a fictional language that sounds distinctly masculine but civilized as opposed to barbaric? Also, I'm trying to come up with alternate words for Patriarchy and Matriarchy to name the respective nations and also the series title. I'd like to name the series something along the lines of
"The Annexation of The (feminine sounding planet name) (alternate word for matriarchy) by the (masculine sounding planet name) (alternate word for patriarchy): A Free Use Conquest".
Hopefully, it won't suck as much when I have actual words in place of the parenthesis. I just think the terms "Patriarchy/Matriarchy" are entirely too cliche at this point. Maybe I can use the prefix for "brother" instead of "father" but "Fratriarchy" sounds pretty cringey. Is this concept too controversial for Amazon? Please share any thoughts you have and tell me what else you would like to see in a story/universe like this. Thank you.

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