Melvyn gets caught.

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Melvyn gets caught.

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Melvyn Brown stands only five feet three inches. He never had much luck in finding girls because of his lack of height. His shoes were a meagre size five, which depressed him. At twenty he was beginning to give up the hope of meeting any nice girl who would ignore his height.
However, one Saturday night he sat in the pub on his own. All his friends had either married or were an item with a girl. Melvyn was extremely sad. But things were about to change. A group of six girls cane into the bar and one of them kept looking over at him. He cursed his height under his breath. But the very attractive tall slim girl kept smiling at him. She spoke to the others and called him over to join them. Melvyn was bashful and didn’t respond and she came over for him. She told him her name was Carol and she would love him to join the girls. They made him welcome and he didn’t feel out of place at all. He was ashamed that he had let his hair grow but the girls said they were jealous and he shouldn’t get it cut.

Over weeks he became friends with all of them, but especially with Carol, a fun loving girl who was drop dead gorgeous. One week, one of the girls aid his dress sense was so good at colour coordination that he could be a girl. Melvyn blushed and worried that the other men in the bar heard what she said. The other girls agreed with her, he would look good as a girl.

Three months after meeting Carol in November, on Valentine’s Day, Carol proposed to Melvyn. He was stunned. Why should she want him a puny man when she could choose any man in the street? Carol said that didn’t matter, she loved him. Melvyn explained he only had a two inch cock so she would never be satisfied. That didn’t matter to her, they would think of ways round it. But part of her getting her inheritance was that she had to remain a virgin until marriage. Melvyn didn’t know how to explain his small cock would never satisfy her. It was during the heavy petting session that Melvyn felt her fondle his balls and cock. She never reacted and carried on as though it was normal. Melvyn felt wonderful. He soon shot his load in her hand and accepted her proposal of marriage.

The date of the wedding was set for June. They had 5 months. Every now and then one of the girls said she still thought he would look good as a girl. He kept telling them not to be so stupid and they kept calling him a coward. “What are you frightened of? Nicer material and we all feel things the same no matter what sex you are” In the end Melvyn gave in and said he would try it for a laugh and it might shut them up for once and for all.

The following Saturday afternoon Melvyn went around to the girls flat and Carol got him a lager to be going on with while he waited for the rest of the girls to turn up Carol told him they had gone shopping and shouldn’t be too long. Carol said she couldn’t wait to see what they girls were buying him. “Me?”

“Of course it’s for you. You would either stretch our clothes or rip them you big hunk you” With that she hugged him and gave him a kiss. Melvyn liked the attention he was getting and when he finished that drink, Carol got him another.An hour later the girls turned up. They had a coffee while Melvyn had yet another lager and Carol had another wine. When they had finished their drinks they said it was time to get started. Melvyn wondered what they meant when they said they had five hours to complete the job. He soon found out.

He was told to go and put a dressing gown on and nothing else. Melvyn thought his luck was in until he returned to the lounge. He was handed a pair of peach coloured silk panties. “Go and put these on and come back when ready”. Melvyn put them on and found them lovely and soft and comfortable. Once he returned, he was handed a silky bra and this was put on him, then jelly filled balloons filled the cups.

A silk suspender belt was put around his waist and he was told to put the straps through his panties. Once that was done, he was told to sit down while they put his stockings on for him. That completed, the satin petticoat came next followed by a long green satin dress which was zipped up behind his back. As it flared from the waist, the girls could not see he was getting an erection, as small as it was. His hair was brushed flat and the makeup was put on him, some earrings clipped on his ears and finally the blonde wig was added “Oh wonderful girls. You would think he was a she now” Carol said as she slipped the heeled shoes on him, “You had better start practising walking like a woman”.

Melvyn looked at himself in the mirror. He looked nothing like himself. “Come on girls, we have to get ready ourselves” Carol said alarmingly. Melvyn was puzzled, but soon the girls were ready indifferent coloured dresses. “Nearly ready. Just waiting for the car. It won’t be long now”
Melvyn was shaken, where were they going? “I…I can’t go out like this” he stuttered. Carol replied “Nonsense. You look beautiful” The other girls agreed as they coached him in walking. “Keep your voice soft not boom like you do” one of the girls told him. Before he knew it, the car arrived. It was a stretched limo. They all climbed in and away they went. Melvyn knew there was no turning back now. He just hoped he could pull it off and the evening would fly by.

Carol pointed out they couldn’t call him Melvyn any more as that would make people look. “Melanie. Mel for short. Does that sound right for you?” All the girls agreed it is a nice name. Melvyn agreed it was handy having the same shortened name. He asked what they were going to as they were too nicely dressed for a disco. Carol told him they were responding to a request for girls to act as partners in a dance. The men were lonely. Melvyn thought that was nice of them, but never thought what was about to happen.

Carol spoke to one of them and a few minutes later, the girls were pairing off with the men. At least Melvyn didn’t have to dance with one of them. That was true, but then another man turned up, walked over to Melvyn and reached out for his hand. He didn’t want to get up but saw Carol glaring at him. He slowly rose to his feet, held his dress on each side and curtsied. The girls were smiling at his antics. He daintily followed the man, held by the hand, to the dance floor.

The man turned and faced her and bowed. Melvin have another but deeper curtsy. It was all the girls could do to not burst out laughing. The music started with a slow waltz and the man, Brian, took Mel’s hand and twirled him round so he came back closer, Brian’s hand went onto his bra strap at the back and he squeezed Mel closer. His left hand held Mel’s right hand out as the fashion and away they went. Mel found himself being swung one way and another but as it wasn’t a Viennese Waltz, it was fairly slow so he could keep up with Brian. Carol was dancing with some man named Chas. He was well built and Melvyn envied him.

After that dance he sat down and Brian sat with him and Carol and her partner. A couple of drinks and it was off again. Mel was hoping that the dance would end soon. He was hoping that Brian didn’t realise he was a male and not a female. He got the hump as Brian’s hand kept dropping down from his back to the cheeks of his bum. He kept lifting it back to his bra strap again.

At the end of the evening, when they were in the car going home Melvyn said he thinks he got away with it and Brian never realised he was a male. “I could feel his erection against my legs” The girls started laughing when Carol said he did know. “He is gay. I told them about you. That is why everyone else left you until last to dance with him” Melvyn went quiet and blushed. Had he known he wouldn’t have gone through with it!

As Carol had to be proved pure before her marriage, they took to tying Melvyn to the bed and Carol giving him oral and hand relief. Melvyn loved it. Carol reminded Melvyn she had to remain pure as she would be checked by a doctor on her wedding day if she was to get her huge inheritance. It was all she could do to stop herself from raping him. One thing she did to him was one night when he was dressed en femme was to put her hand under his skirt, fiddle with the petticoat and stroke his inner thighs, play with his stocking tops, suspender straps and stroke his cock though his satin panties. Melvyn really loved the attention he was getting. His cock as small as it was, grew another half inch when erect. Then one day Carol brought out a strap on dildo and asked if he would do oral on it and let her know what he feels. Then she could know what to do to make her man happy. That was all Melvyn could do for her and happily obliged. She told him that his attentions were transmitted through the shaft and she could feel it pressing on her sex. Even though it wasn’t inside her. “It’s lovely” It didn’t take Melvyn many attempts to get it to a fine art to start bringing Carol to a climax.

The church was booked. The vicar, Jane Smith, was to officiate. The reception hall was booked. All they had to do was get their clothing for the occasion. Then one Saturday Carol and the girls met Melvyn in town and they came across a wedding dress shop. Naturally the girls stopped. “Let’s have a look inside Melvyn” Carol said. Melvyn said it was unlucky to see the bride in her wedding dress but Carol said it would be nice to see what dresses he likes and compare them to ones she liked. Eventually he caved in and entered the shop. After an hour of one of the assistants trying on dresses, they both had a list of dresses they both liked.

The woman who owned the shop said they have had a few couples having a cross dress wedding. Her in a morning suit and him in the dress. Carol and Melvyn looked at each other and Melvyn said “No”. The girls went on to taunt him that he was a coward. “You got away with it before, so what better way to end it in a blaze of glory?” Carol pointed out that with her being so tall and him so short, the wedding photos would look funny. “The groom is always taller than the bride” Melvyn asked if she wanted to back out but she said she didn’t want to as she loved him.

After a lot of ribbing and pressurising Melvyn, he surrendered and agreed to do it. Carol showed the woman the photos of Melvyn when he was dressed. The shop owner said she would help but Carol would have to leave. As it would be unlucky for her to see the bride before the day. Carol said she would sort out the best man and who would give Mel (Melvyn) away. The girls would be his bridesmaids. Melvyn had to choose the colours of their dresses. They finished up with lilac. Carol left them to it.

The assistant in the shop modelled the dresses until Melvyn found one he liked. The shopkeeper said she would have it altered to fit him. “But of course, it doesn’t end there. You need the sexy undies to keep your groom interested” By the time he came out he was the owner of a pair of white heeled shoes, white stockings, blue garter, white silk G string, a white lace up corset, petticoat, dress, veil, train and a tiara. The final thing was a white satin shrug to cover his shoulders.

Later in the day, while Melvyn and the girls sat in the bar, Carol joined them. “Barry has agreed to give you away, Chas will be my best man. You had better sort out what friends you want at the wedding” Melvyn said he had no friends. One session that Melvyn had to attend dressed as a women caught him out. The girls took him to a beauty parlour where his ears were pierced. He complained but was cut short by being told it was the latest fashion and pirates used to wear them.. He was shown pictures of male celebrities wearing them. Studs were fitted and he was told he had to keep them in to allow the ears to heal.

The weeks went by and Carol said she was finding it hard to leave him alone so she fitted a chastity cage to him. “Why me and not you?” he asked and was told it was because it is easier for him to shower with it in place. She put the key on a chain around her neck so the key rested between her breasts. She tied Melvyn to the bed as usual and gave him relief. Then when he had cum, she washed him down, dried him thoroughly and fitted the chastity cage. “It’s made of the hardest metal there is and it is not brittle so it won’t break. I’ll have to put this grease on it to slide it on you though” She coated the inside if the cage and the ring that went behind his balls. The cage was put up to the ring and the lock was inserted. What Melvyn didn’t see was she had broken the extra key, covered it in the “grease” and inserted the shaft into the lock. Over the top of it went a cap that had the “grease” coated on the inside. Once it was in place Melvyn was released. Carol teased him with the key and he felt himself getting an urge.

The day of the wedding came. Carol had moved out of the house and went to get a doctors letter to say she was a virgin, so by the time Melvyn got there, she had long gone. She was staying in the hotel where they would spend their wedding night after the reception.
Melvyn was looking forward to having the chastity cage removed and eagerly sat there patiently as his hair was permed to a style befitting a bride. He went and changed from his boxers to the silk thong, the corset was wrapped around him and pulled tight. The cups were filled with fake breasts. Full make up was put on him. Eye shadow, blusher, everything including nail varnish and rape me red lipstick.
White stockings went up his legs and were clipped to the corset. Melvyn asked if the straps should go under the thong but was told that it would be easy for him to slip the thong to one side if he needed to.

The petticoat and dress were added, white shoes were put on his feet. New diamond ear-rings went in his ears, the veil and tiara came next and he was handed the bouquet of flowers. He was only just ready when Barry turned up. He led Melvyn to the car. The bridesmaids followed in the second car.

At the church, Barry told him to glide and enjoy the day like all brides do. “After all it is your day”. As they entered the church the music played. Everyone stood up and turned to look at him. He felt himself blush. Barry whispered he should glide and put each foot in front of the other. That would make him look feminine.

The vicar, stood there smiling and welcomed them as Melvyn reached Carol. Before he knew it they were swapping rings had to go and sign the register and heard the words “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride” Carol kissed him.
At the reception Carol grabbed him for the first dance. Everyone noticed how he had taken to the woman’s part quite easily. Melvyn was glad when it was time to leave and go to the hotel room.

Melvyn put the baby doll nightie on that was laid out for him. Carol put an identical one on. She tied his hands to the headboard posts. “One last go at giving me a blow job and then the fun can start” she told him. Melvyn eagerly licked and sucked at the dildo. Soon Carol was starting to feel that warm glow build up. Withdrawing from his mouth she stuck a gag in that held his mouth open. Before Melvyn could argue, as intelligible as it was, she grabbed his ankles and tied them to the same posts as his hands so now Melvyn was bent double with his rectum exposed under the thong.

“Now to do my duty and take the brides purity” she said. Melvyn tried to argue and was shocked when he felt Carol’s fingers enter his rectum. “Plenty of lubrication for my bride. Here we go.” She left the room and returned with the strap on in place. She pulled the thong to one side and he felt the tip of the dildo at his anus; slowly she pushed it into him. Melvyn squealed like a girl. Slowly she started to ease backwards and forwards until it was deep within him. Carol was loving the way he was twisting his body to stop her. Soon she was starting to cum. Melvyn felt the dribbles of the precum but nothing else apart from this intrusion inside him, raping him.

Carol pulled out of him and told him. “I have recorded this and all the girls have been listening to you having fun as the bride. I am going now as Chas is waiting for me. I need a real man. That thing you have got is no use to any woman. I needed a man to marry me and you were the first available in order to get my inheritance. Chas was waiting for his divorce to come through. I’m afraid that thing on your pathetic cock will never come off. It is industrial strength epoxy resin that I used to stick it on you, so you will have to get used to me or any man taking you. Chas will take my purity while Barry will take you. I am jealous as Barry is so huge and thick. Bigger than Chas really. I’ll leave a speaker here as well so you can hear me enjoying myself like all the rest of us will be able to hear you. Afterwards, you will be tied up and escorted to my island where I will run my hotel which is my inheritance and you will become a maid there and serve Chas and me. Plus of course any male that wants a little special service. I know you can’t swim so you will be stuck there, still you will look smart in your uniforms and pretty dresses, skirts, blouses, petticoats and panties. No more trousers, shorts or pants for you. They are just a memory for you now. I’m leaving alone. I’ll tell Barry his bride is eagerly waiting for him” With that she left.

Melvyn tried screaming when the door opened and Barry walked in earing only a pair of silk boxer shorts. He screamed some more when Barry removed the shorts. Barry is huge. Very well hung. Melvyn saw Barry was holding a cattle prod. “If you hurt me or I don’t cum, you get the full force of this. Now I will take the gag from your mouth” After removing it, he shoved his cock into Melvyn’s mouth and all Melvyn could see was Barry’s stomach. He felt his pubic hair touch his lips and the head of Barry’s cock at the back of his throat. He closed his lips around the shaft and started to suck as Barry pulled back. Barry soon came and Melvyn felt his cum slide down his throat.

Barry pulled off and eased himself between Melvyn’s bound legs that were held wide apart. Barry pulled the thong to one side and put his cock to the edge of Melvyn’s now exposed anus. He was much bigger than the dildo. It hurt Melvyn when Barry pushed himself into him but soon the pair were rocking in unison. Melvyn could hear Carol and Chas at it and cried at the thought of how he had been caught. Barry said “For those listening, Mel is crying with joy at our lovemaking”

In Carol’s room and downstairs in the bar, laughter could be heard at hearing that sentence
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Re: Melvyn gets caught.

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Not really my taste but a good storyline. :D
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