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I had an excellent relationship with Sam. Well, to be fair I still have but she has got more interesting to say the least and I don't know if I can keep up with her. We eventually got around to bondage sessions. Each would tie the other up and see who could escape the quickest. Sam seemed to have more knowledge of knots and tying people up. She said it was because of her time in the guides. We had bought an old house with a cupboard under the stairs. The door was old and needed replacing along with the wood on the walls and staircase. We had to save diligently and to save going out, we spent more time tying each other up.

Sam managed to save enough to allow us to decorate the lounge with emulsion and also do the passageway and stairs. It was my turn to decide how to decorate the lounge and her turn to do the passageway. The following time would be my turn to decorate the stairs and she could do the lounge.
It was only a small lounge, in reality a front room. It was a three up and three down house. The previous owners had extended the kitchen so that became the breakfast room as well.

We had set a theme. I wanted ultra-modern, but Sam fancied something a little more old world. Okay, if that is what she wants, that is what she gets. I started by removing the dividing wall between the two downstairs rooms, turning it into a large lounge. I had builders in to put a steel girder up to support the upstairs walls (and the floor). I drilled two half inch holes into it, to support chandeliers is what I told her, but I had other ideas. This meant I had to tap threads into the holes for the “chandeliers”. The girder was covered in un-planed wood to make it look like it was an oak beam. The holes I carefully measured so they lined up with the holes in the girder. I left wire in place so they could be wired if it was desired. But I had no intention of putting chandeliers up. I had something better to hang from the girder. Sam.

Flagstones went on the floor and on the main wall, I put acrylic tiles that looked like heavy stone bricks. On the ceiling I put tongue and groove wood and white washed it. It gave a nice effect. On the other walls, I put Plywood sheets with the joins covered by 3 inch wide by 1 inch thick planks. They were slightly darker than the plywood. Each wall had 2 wall lamps that looked like the old fashioned lamps that you see in the films. Instead of flames, they had a glass shade that was shaped like flames and I put flickering LED’s in them. We both liked the total effect. Then Sam asked about the girder. I showed her the same sort of lamp in a chandelier. I told her they have been ordered and would be there the following week.

I took some eye bolts that had the same thread as I had put in the girders. With the aid of some large chain link fixings, I put a drop of Araldite on the threads and after putting those between the eye bolt and the chain used a spanner to tighten it right up. I waited until Sam had gone to bed before fitting them so she would not see and the glue had all night to set hard. Saturday morning and I was up early to see all was well. The chains hung down to the floor so the wrist and ankle cuff could be adjusted. But I had got lots of chain that could be clipped anywhere. Sam would find out before the day was through. There were yards of rope as well. I fitted some eyebolts into the walls about halfway down.

Asa it was my turn to tie her up, I took her breakfast in bed and told her to have a shower. I didn’t tell her what I was up to. I instructed her not to go into the lounge but go straight to the kitchen. The agreement was the sub for the day would have to follow all orders. Breakfast over I told her to put her bikini on. When she asked what one, I gave her that look. “Oh, your favourite one. The tie sided one”. She knew she was right when I gave her that smile back. I do love that one. It was tiny and made access extremely easy.

She knew she was in for a heavy session so used the toilet, showered again and put the bikini on. When she was ready, I tied her hands behind her back. Sam shivered with excitement as she felt her hands becoming restricted. I had crossed her hands and wrapped rope around three times and then in the vertical direction making a cross of ropes. Then I tied some rope around her ankles so she had a small step. I gagged her and put a bag over her head.
Slowly Sam shuffled into the lounge with me. It was turning me on watching her. I gave her pert bum a playful smack which made her jump. Upon reaching the lounge. I got her to stand on a three inch high box between the chains and fitted the wrist and ankle cuffs on her. I undid the rope on her wrists and lifted her hands up as high as I could before clipping them to the chains. I undid the ankle ropes and repeated the operation.

So far Sam thought she was going to be comfortable. A spreader bar was fitted between her wrists. Sam was purring by now. I could sense she was working herself up. Soft murmurs escaped from her gagged mouth. Another but wider spreader bar went between her ankles. She was standing there completely helpless. Time to take the bag off of her head. Sam looked around to see what I had done to her. However, I hadn’t finished with her yet. Slowly I removed her bikini. Sam tried to stop me although to be honest I don’t think she tried hard enough. More chain went from the middle of her wrist spreader bar down behind her back. I pushed it between her legs and felt that she was damp by now.

Walking round the front, I took more chain and clipped it to the crotch chain. This formed a V. The other ends were joined to ropes which were then threaded through the hanging chains. I pulled them tight and heard her moan as the crotch chain came into contact with her now soaking pussy.
The other ends of the ropes were pulled tight and tied to the eyebolts in the wall. Sam felt the pressure on her and was loving it. I went behind her again and stroked her lovely soft bum. Reaching round I caressed her breasts. Sam was enjoying this. I stroked her stomach and let my hands wander to her pussy. Sam was nearly out of this world already so it was time to kick the box away from under her. Sam flinched as her weight settled on the crotch chain. I saw she was already on tip toe. “Okay Sam. You have a choice Stand on tip toe to take the weight off of your body or let your body get pressed by the chain. I’m going to leave you there all day to allow you time to make your mind up” I then walked out and closed the lounge door. Later I told her I was going to the pub so she was not to run away.

I didn’t go to the pub. Instead I sat in the garden watching her on my laptop. She was arching her body making the chain move slightly under her. It was a good job she never saw the secret camera I had put in the lounge. I watched intensely as she collapsed as her orgasm struck home. It must have been a powerful one as the microphone picked it up quite easily.

It was time for me to have fun now. I unfastened her. Sam was still weak from her orgasm. I clipped her hands behind her back, put the chain around her waist and locked it before towing her to the bedroom where I released her and set about trying to replicate what she had just experienced.
Afterwards Sam admitted she loved every minute of it, but she would get even. I laughed.

I had to go away for three weeks for my firm. Sam knew it was important and accepted it. It would give me a good bonus. Plus of course it would give Sam time to decorate the hallway. I came home after three weeks to find Sam had covered the walls with plywood and washed it with a white wash giving a ghostly appearance, I had to admit it looked rather good. She told me she hadn’t finished completely but there is one item she would be showing me later. That was ready.

After dinner we sat around talking, Sam wanted to get friends in to paint scenes of dungeons on the wall. They had been there to discuss it with her. I told her she would be better off getting posters so she could change the scene any time she wants. Mind you, I knew her friends were accomplished artists. Sam said she could always turn the boards round to the blank side. I left it at that. Tomorrow being Saturday would be her chance to get even.
I was as keen as ever to see what she had done. I noticed the cupboard under the stairs had a new door. It was fitted with three bolts, each lockable. “To keep our valuables safe” she told me. Breakfast over. It had a one foot square air vent fitted to it. I used the toilet, washed and showered, I couldn’t wait. I had to follow her orders as we agreed.

Standing there naked, Sam put a disposable nappy on me. I asked if she was making me an adult baby but she said no. I was handed a pair of latex cycling shorts which I put on over the nappy. I had to go downstairs to the lounge for the rest of it. I was shocked when I got there. Sam was holding a leather straight jacket open for me. I knew what she wanted to put my arms into the holes. Sam did all the straps up at the back enclosing me in the jacket. Quite deftly, she pushed my arms through the loop at the front before joining the straps behind my back. They were pulled tight. The strap went under my crotch and was pulled tight. That gave me a little jolt of pleasure. Sam laughed.

Sam put a helmet on me. Everywhere from under my nose to my neck was covered. I couldn’t open my jaw to talk. The collar to the jacket was then fastened to hold the gag down. Sam had put Velcro on the jacket and gag to hold them tightly together. Sam stroked my cock and balls through the strait jacket crotch strap. This was nice.

She produce what looked like a leather sack. I was told to step in it which I did. Sam pulled the sack up. It was tight and I couldn’t move. She strapped the sack to the jacket so it wouldn’t fall down. More straps went around my ankles, calves, thighs and chest. I was now immobile. Sam went and got a wheelchair from the shed. I was told to sit down and she eased me into the chair. Straps went from underneath the chair to the straps around my thighs. A strap went from behind me to hold me onto the chair. More straps fixed my ankles and calves to the chair.
Sam kissed me through the gag and took me from the lounge to the cupboard under the stairs. As she opened the door I saw it was a good two inches thick. Sam, turned the lights on in the cupboard, turned the wheelchair around and backed me to the back of the cupboard finally put the handbrake on. Finally she strapped the chair to the walls to prevent any movement.
“Oh well, you are my prisoner now. You are all mine. While you are in there my friends are coming to finish the decorating. Behave or I might leave the door open so they can see my captive” I knew she had me. The door closed and I heard the bolts being pulled over. Sam called out each time the lock closed, holding the bolt firmly. Then she turned the light out.

I was shocked as a panel opened up. Although it was an air vent from the outside, in fact it was a viewing panel. “Is my little prisoner happy now? I feel hot knowing there is nothing you can do until I release you. My friends will be here soon” With that, Sam closed the hatch and turned off the light.
I don’t know how long I had been there as I fell asleep. I hadn’t been awake long when the shutter opened up. It was Sam’s friends. “We have something to show you” The door opened up and they brought my laptop in. It was switched on and I was shown Sam standing in the lounge naked and chained up again. She was trying hard to escape but I knew that was impossible. “There is your rescuer. She needs to be rescued. Later, we will be putting her bikini on her as we are having a party and she is the decoration. Who knows, if she enjoys the attention of women, she might decide it is preferable”. With that, the door closed, and some keys were put in through the hatch. “Oh, how funny. The only person who can rescue you needs rescuing herself. Shame you can’t be at the party. You might have seen Sam having fun. Even if she escapes, you have the keys to the locks here with you so she won’t be rescuing you soon”. The hatch closed.

Sam stood there in her tie sided bikini. She had been told she is the entertainment and how I am locked away. She struggled to no avail. All she could do is stand there as her friends set up all the food and drinks. Sam was warned they won’t stop anyone from playing with her body. Sam was worried she might be raped. However, before the party started, her friends put their bikinis on. Sam was treated to sessions with a vibrator before they let her go. Finally they gave her the second set of keys to let me out.

I joined them in the lounge once I had the straight jacket and leggings off. We went mad but both admitted the excitement over rode the annoyance. We agreed that one day they should allow us to let them lock us in the cupboard together. We jumped at the offer. It sounded more great fun.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.

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