The Duchess of Disaster.

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The Duchess of Disaster.

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It was 1698. Sarah was reasonably happy in her village. Now and then her village was raided by people from Scotland. In return, her villagers raided other villages in Scotland. The only thing for Sarah was that she wanted excitement. The sort of excitement that the men folk from her village get when they go raiding other villages. She kept on at the village elders to let her go with them, but was always told women do not go to battle. That is for the men.
Even when she spoke to other women, she was told to forget it. Her job was to learn how to look after a house. But this feeling for the quest for excitement would not go away. She was fed up with her brothers coming home and telling the tales of their daring escapades. One evening there was much merriment with wine flowing and food heaped up. The men were in a happy mood, but Sarah was fed with just being a serving wench to them and watching them getting merry and drunk.

At the first light, the men slipped out of the village and headed north. Sarah waited for a while, saw no one was watching so followed their path. Sarah stayed about a mile behind the men, knowing she wouldn’t be seen and sent back. Under her breathe she cursed having to wear dresses. She should have made some trousers and kept them secret. Sadly for her, she was jumped upon. Three strong men grabbed her. One put his hands over her mouth and before she could recover from the shock, her hands were tied behind her back and she was Cleve gagged. A rope was tied around her neck and she was pulled along, stumbling now and then while trying to keep up with the men. Sarah was taken from the direction she was going in and was headed north east. She tried to prevent them from taking her to places unknown. The man with the rope from her neck pulled her sharply. Two of the men went off in the direction of where they were headed in the first place. Sarah knew they were going to scout where her brothers were.

It was nearly midday when Sarah first saw the castle at the top of the steep hill. Two hours later, they reached the gate. The door was opened up and they entered. Quickly she was surrounded and the crowd pushed and pulled her. Sarah was terrified. They herded her into the castle and she found herself in the main hall. The guards grabbed her and marched to the woman sitting on the chair at the far end of the hall. The gag was removed. “Give her something to drink” A flagon of water was brought over. She had to bend her head forward to drink. “Untie her hands”. Sarah was grateful for that. She heartily drank the water and thanked the woman. “I am the head of this castle and the surrounding areas. You will find that I am reasonable, but if you cross me, God help you. You are my guest indefinitely until your village surrenders”. Sarah had no idea where she was. She had never been out of her village before and now at eighteen, she was a prisoner in an inescapable castle.

“Take her to the dungeon, make her comfortable and we will talk later” then she whispered something to one of the guards. Sarah was grabbed and marched down the stairs into a dark place only lit by the occasional torch. After going through a couple of heavy oak doors, Sarah found herself in a large room lit by naked flame torches. The guards roughly pushed her towards another door. She saw the heavy bolts and hinges on it. The door creaked as it opened. Sarah was shoved inside. Two more guards entered the room. “Take your dress off” one burly guard shouted at her. Sarah was shocked. “We haven’t got all day. Take your dress off” Sarah was frozen with fear. What did they intend to do to her?

“You have one minute to start or we will take it off of you”. Sarah still didn’t move and before she knew it, she was held firmly and her dress was removed. “And the shift. Get it off” The men stripped Sarah so she stood there naked. She saw the men licking their lips. It was obvious what was going through their minds. Sarah covered her breasts with one hand and her sex with the other. A sack was thrown at her. “Put it on” Sarah was grateful for the sack. A hole had been made in the bottom so it slid over her head like a dress. She slipped her arms through the two holes in the sides. The material rubbed her nipples and aureoles and she thought “Oh God, what is it doing to me”. She had never been aroused like this before. Then she realised how short the sack was. It only just covered her naked crotch. She was horrified. Especially when the guards marched her to the wall and shackled her wrists so she couldn’t not even touch her breasts. Her ankles were grabbed and pulled apart. Heavy shackles were placed on them and locks held them closed.

“Let me go” she screamed. The guards laughed. “If your village has not surrendered in a month, the Duchess has said you are there for us to use”. Her clothes were picked up. “These will be returned to your village. If our messenger fails to return, then you will feel the wrath of the Duchess, and she can get really mad. You won’t like it one bit. In fact you will rather be our plaything than be at her mercy”

The guards walked of leaving Sarah screaming. The heavy door was closed and she hear the bolts being slid home. The guards laughed as they could still hear her screaming even through the thick door. “She ought to give up. There is no one around to rescue her”Sarah found she could only go a foot from the wall. Basically all she could do was stand there all day. Her thoughts were how long it would be before the guards returned and deflowered her. As much as she tried, she could not get her hands or feet out of the shackles. She was worried as she had no protection as she could feel the bottom of her sack dress on her thighs. She shivered what could happen to her and yet she felt herself getting warm between her thighs.

The sun went across the sky and gradually her dungeon got darker as the shadows grew longer. Suddenly the door flew open. Three guard’s stormed in. Sarah thought they had come to rape her and she screamed as loud as she could. “That will do you no good. There is no one here to help you”. Sarah struggled futilely against the strength of her chains and shackles. The guards lifted her legs and Sarah closed her eyes thinking that was it. They are going to rape her now. But instead they released her ankles from the shackles and carefully lowered her feet to the floor once more. Her hands were unshackled from the chains in the wall. Lastly they tied her hands behind her back once more and shoved her back to the main hall. The Duchess was sitting on her throne as usual She was an elderly woman and had been in charge of the castle and lands for many years.

“Come child. You need me more than I need you, so do not fight me. Behave and you will live. Start trouble and you will suffer badly. Your clothes have been sent back to your village to show I have you and if they surrender, they will keep you alive. If not, after you have seen to all my men, you will be killed”. Sarah believed her. But why was she so anxious to keep her alive. She was dragged down to the servant’s quarters where she was fed. Sarah was grabbed and marched back to her dungeon. By now the sun had gone down and the place was only lit by the flame from the torch in the wall. This time Sarah was chained to the wall by her ankle but she had enough chain to let her get to the straw bed and the hole in the floor for the toilet. “You have got the master cell reserved for important guests” the guard told her. He left her there locking the door behind him. After a while the flame from the torch went out leaving her in darkness.

Sarah didn’t sleep well that night. She dozed on and off, but mostly her sleep sessions were not for long. At the back of her mind she was worried that they intend to use her as a relief for all the troops, one after the other. The next morning she was dragged from her cell, thrown into the river. Every time she tried to climb out, they pushed her back. Sarah thought about going to the other side, but there were more guards there. Eventually they let her out and marched her to the kitchen to dry off her sack dress in front of the fire that was used to do the cooking on. Sarah saw the guards licking their lips at the thought that she would be there for their use if she doesn’t surrender. The short sack gave her no protection.

Once dry, she was handed a long dress made out of jute. It was course but at least it covered Sarah up a bit beter. She was fed and then marched into the main hall to meet the Duchess once more. When asked if she would tell her elders when they came that they must surrender, she refused. The Duchess went mad. “Strip her and put her up in the world” Sarah knew the word strip but what did she mean about going up in the world. She would soon find out.

Naked once more, she was frog marched into the courtyard. Her head was pushed down and then she was pushed backwards once more. Her head came up inside a cage and she realised what they intended to do. The front of the cage was closed and locked. Her hands and feet were tied to the sides and she was hoisted twenty feet into the air for all the troops to see her. Sarah stood there in the swinging cage. The cold wind was biting into her. But she was resolute. She wanted to call out and surrender to the will of the Duchess, but she was too stubborn. She was not going to give in to the demands of the Duchess and drop her village into dire straits. A few hours later and her elders came under a flag of truce to see the Duchess. They all saw Sarah standing there. They couldn’t be off of it. An hour later they left. She watched them as they grew smaller the further from the castle they got. Sarah was removed from the cage, put pack into the jute dress and frogmarched back to the main hall. When asked if she was going to tell her elders to surrender, Sarah remained quiet. She couldn’t work out why the Duchess was so nasty to her.

“Take her away and you know what to do. Make sure she is fed and later make sure we never see her again” Sarah was taken to another cell. The hole for the window was high up so she couldn’t see out. They locked the door behind her. Sarah was now stuck into this terrible dungeon, even worse than the last one, but at least there wasn’t any way of chaining her to the wall.

Her meal was brought in. It was rather sumptuous. “Eat well. It’s your last. We were hoping the Duchess would have let us use your body, but you have got her so riled, she is taking it out on us” The soldiers left and Sarah looked at the meal. There was a lot of fruit but some ham, pork and other meats covered in fat. In a dish was a lot of spices, but altogether apart from the fruit, nothing looked appetising. They left a large sharp knife up on a shelf for her to cut the meat.
Sarah walked about the dungeon cell thinking that would be the last place on Earth she would ever see. The room wasn’t that big. Sarah walked about counting the flagstones. It annoyed her that one stone seemed loose. It had a hole in one corner.
A little later the solders came back. “Not hungry eh? You will be. Tie her up” They grabbed Sarah and quickly bound her hands behind her. Then her feet were tied together and finally a rope went from her ankles to her wrists, hog tying her to prevent movement.

To her horror she saw the door being removed and being replaced with bricks. Slowly the wall built up. Six brick across and the first layer was laid. She was going to be bricked in so she would never be seen again. She struggled but the ropes held fast. One of the solders laughed and put her meal down beside her so she could eat the revolting food.

Two layers of bricks were laid in a few minutes. Within a half hour the wall was up to waist lever of the soldiers. They obviously intended to make a good job of it. More time passed and Sarah was panicking now as it was up to shoulder height. She tried struggling even more but the ropes held fast. However, the strange things was that although she was in deadly peril, there was a warm sensation coming over her which meant she be didn’t think too much about the trouble she was in.

Soon only the head of the soldier could be seen. Although she was fully restrained she had this weird feeling that somehow she was free. All the struggling and thigh clenching stared to give her a feeling she had never had before. She was getting warm and damp under the dress. She was suddenly snapped out of her growing exhilaration by a soldier calling out to her through the tiny hole that was left. “Goodbye. Remember my face as this is the last one you will ever see”. Finally the last brick went into the apex of the doorway frame. Sarah was alone.

It didn’t take long for the rats to come out from the hole in that loose flagstone. Sarah thought about it. She had seen it before. One of the spices they had given her, rats love. She wiggled her back to the plate and tipped the spices over her ropes and dinner, praying she had done it right. The rats rushed out and started to gnore through the meal and hopefully her ropes. She felt them run across her wrists and shivered. An hour later and Sarah tried pulling her wrists apart. The rats had eaten their way through enough of the rope to make it easy for Sarah to snap what was left. Quickly she untied her feet. She knew she had all the time in the world as no one could get into her cell. She walked up to the shelf and took the large knife.

Sarah shuddered once more but thought if she could escape, how would they know? She managed to prize the flagstone up and found a narrow tunnel. But there was no lights in it. She shouted hoping that someone would hear her that she would like a torch to see for a while. Before she knew it a couple of unlit torches came through the window followed by a burning one.Outside the guards laughed, what was she going to do all tied up like she was? Burn herself to death. Little did they know she was free to investigate the tunnel? She took the unburnt torches and the burning one and dropped into the tunnel. It was hard work, but she did manage to get the flagstone back to cover the hole. Fortunately the rats scampered away from the flames. Sarah was safe from the horrors of a rat attack. Sarah noticed the flames flickering and realised that there was a strong draft from somewhere. Eventually she found herself looking at the river that she had been thrown in. a few days earlier. Unfortunately the sun was still showing some light which made Sarah realise she was on the other side of the castle from her bricked up cell.

Sarah waited until the sky grew dark and squeezed herself through the hole finally slipping quietly into the water. Silently right under the noses of the guards she swam under water to the other back. In the rushes she carefully looked at the guards until she felt it was safe to climb out and run as fast as she could. With no shoes on her feet, they were cut to pieces. But to Sarah it was more important she got back to her village. She could see it when again she was grabbed, tied up and gagged before she could say anything. She was dragged to the village and thrown into a cage made out of wicker.
She was left, once again tied up. Sarah struggled against the ropes and once more fly herself enjoying the situation, but at least this time she not in peril.

It was not until the next morning when she was dragged out to see the elders, they realised who she was. She was given food and then told because they had seen what the Duchess had done to her, they had contacted all the villages and formed an alliance. In all they had nearly 300 men on standby. Their trouble was getting into the castle. Sarah told them of the tunnel to her bricked up cell. The elders said that was no use then.
“What if everybody climbs into the tunnel and fills the cell, and the next morning, I stand where they can see me. They would have to knock the wall down to see if I really have escaped. Once the wall is down, you can rush them” Everyone thought about it. Why would they follow a plan drawn up by a woman?

“Sarah is the only one who knows the layout of the castle and the escape tunnel. We don’t have any other plan. They think we would not dare attack them and will wait quietly until they attack us” Sarah’s brother Cedric said. “We can wait in hiding and ambush them” one of the other elders said. “But that could be any length of time and we have the farming to do. Sarah’s way is instant. If they don’t knock the wall down, we can do it from the inside” Cedric concluded. The elders voted on it and agreed.

Sarah wanted to go with them, but the elders said no. As the evening went on, Sarah had borrowed a pair of leggings from her brother. She intended to go. Suddenly she was grabbed and tied tightly to a post. They aged her. “That will stop you begging to be released. I have contacted one of the women to be the only one who can release you. If anyone else does, they will join you on that post” Cedric told her. She could only watch as the men left the village to be joined by people from other villages. It wasn’t until the men reached the castle they realised they needed Sarah to find the tunnel. So they sent Robin back to get her released.

Once he got to the village he saw the woman who immediately went to untie her. “Stop. There is something that needs to be done first” He removed the gag and while Sarah was helpless, gave her a long passionate kiss. Waves of emotion came over Sarah but then anger as she couldn’t stop him, finally she had waves of excitement flow through her body. Once she was released, she flew at him and surprised him. He was frozen. It was only when Sarah grabbed his head and pulled his lips to hers and returned the kiss that let him relax. By now Sarah was realising what she had been missing

“Let’s get on with it. The Duchess needs to be put in place” Sarah said. Off she ran with the lad standing there with weakened knees. It took a few seconds for him to come round and run after her. It took a while to reach the castle. Sarah showed them where the tunnel was. She wanted to go in, but her job was the most important task of the day. She advised them not to light the torches until they got inside the tunnel and watched as sixty men entered it.

The sun came up and when it was nice and bright, Sarah stood out in front of the castle. The guards saw her and rushed to tell the Duchess she had escaped. “Nonsense. It can’t be her” she screamed. The guards were adamant so the Duchess ordered the wall to be knocked down so they could see for themselves. The wall came down and the villagers from Sarah’s village rushed out and overpowered the guards and the Duchess. Some of the men rushed to the drawbridge to raise the portcullis and lower the bridge itself. Within a half hour, the castle was taken and the Duchess surrendered.
Sarah entered the castle still unaware of what was about to happen. One of the men had stumbled onto a secret room. Upon entering it, he found a library. He and a few others looked through the records and found that the records showed that the Duchess family had stolen the land from the people and built the castle there many centuries earlier and it got enlarged. The elders said “It is in Latin so how did you know what is says. Do you read Latin?” The soldier said he couldn’t even read but one of the priests they had captured read it for him. The priest was dragged in and read it again.
So it turned out where the villagers in the area had to struggle, the Duchess and her followers had a nice life. This was about to change. Further studying showed that Sarah’s family should be the rightful Lords of the castle.

All the elders discussed it and who should be the Duke. Her brother Cedric said that as it was only because of Sarah, they would never have known who should be in the castle. “Therefore I move Sarah be given the title” They took a vote and it was agreed. That Sarah should be put in charge.

The Duchesses soldiers agreed they would join forces with the village. They were glad to be free of the Duchess.
The following Sunday, the whole village was called to the meeting point. Everyone was wondering what was going on. Sarah was busy cleaning the house after the meal. Suddenly she was sent for. She arrived in the square and sat down. She had a good view of the seat at the top. Then the chief elder called for her to come forward. Sarah went to the top of the square. She was ordered to sit on the chair. Once she was sat down, the elder announced she was now the Duchess of the castle.

She was asked what her wishes were. “Firstly, everyone is welcome at any time in the castle. Any problems will be sorted out in the main hall. Secondly, I have one thing I have to get out of my system”

Everyone looked and she called Robin over. She ordered him to stand before her and not move. He did as he was told. Sarah stood up and gave him a big kiss. Everyone cheered and Sarah whispered to him, “Of course, I may be the Duchess but I want to be a partner to you. Of course I won’t object if you feel the need to tie me up” Robin looked at her. “All that treatment they did to me made me realise that I was enjoying it more than suffering”
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