Dame Ameloa

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Dame Ameloa

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Dame Amelia looked through the papers. A group of men had kidnapped some women, held them captive, tied up all day for a year, repeatedly raped them and when they were bored with them, left them bound and gagged.. Amelia fumed as they had got off on a technicality. Justice needs to be seen to be done. When the news caught them bragging about it Amelia went mad. She called her troupe together. She was lucky that twenty of her team turned up to discuss the matter in hand.

A day later they enjoyed a drink and looked at the cases involved. One was the two men who raped the girls and left them tied up. They went along with a couple of girls who helped them, and it was only by luck everyone was found in time before they died. But the last one was three men who raped and when they were bored with them, sold them on as sex slaves. “We will discuss the matter in hand of the pair first. Get that out of the way first”.

It was decided the men would be captured and put in a cage to go on display to people to gawp at. The girls would have an even worse torture. But first they had to find out where to find them all. As for the three men, Amelia said she knew someone who could help. She has her own island. They could disappear there and no one would know or care. She picked up her phone and dialled. “Chantelle? Ah good. We need your help. You are coming over. Oh how lovely. You must stay here with me and meet the others”

Turning to the girls she told them they were going to meet Chantelle who is all up for revenge. “The girls supplied the victims for the bastards. We need to think of something nasty for them to make them think what they did to the girls. They tormented the victims. Think of something”
Vicky came up with an idea and sketched it. “I’ve been looking at medieval punishments, we could bring them up to date” Intrigued the other girls asked what she had in mind. Vicky told them and said they would have to be made, “preferably of stainless steel”. The others weren’t sure but Vicky explained that the girls can be put on display. “Afterwards they can be left somewhere chained up with a big bag of keys”. That cheered Amelia up as she had no wish to kill anybody.
Tracey came up with an idea for the rapists. All five of them. When asked what she had in mind, she said something that would embarrass them, and lower their superior air. “What do we need? Asked Amelia. “Basically we need handcuffs for everybody plus a half as much again” Amelia said she did not understand so Tracey said “One thing I have found us that straight men do not like being interfered with or interfering with other me. We can make them do just that”. Vicky said it sounded funny and it would be a hoot to watch. It was agreed that they would do it. Amelia said “Therefore we need twelve pair of handcuffs. Okay, we had better not try and buy them from one shop. They’d think I was running a brothel” and she laughed. The girls all said they would get a pair. “That gives us twenty pair. What about twelve handcuffs and eight manacles?” The girls agreed it was brilliant. But we would have to wait until Chantelle turned up before we could start working on the plan.

Within a week the girls all turned up with handcuffs and manacles. Chantelle was still a week away. “Let’s get things done. The handcuffs have three links. Four pair must be split in the middle link and fastened to make them a three way trio of cuffs by joining it to the middle link of the normal pair”. The girls looked but Vicky said she realised what they were for and said she found it funny. The four pair of cuffs were cut in half. However they had to work out how long the chain should be. Vicky said the odd link left on each cuff should be cut and rewelded so they can’t be unclipped. It was agree that was the best solution. “Even if it isn’t long enough, that would make it more uncomfortable.” Tracey said. “Okay girls, go out and find the bastards and I’ll get the links welded up. I know a mechanic who owes me a favour and will do it as he needs the money. I’ll tell him they are presents for you lot”.
Tracey asked what was going to happen to the girls. Amelia said Lady Amanda was coming that afternoon. She would have ideas.

Once everything had been sorted, the girls went out looking for the lads and girls. It took the week to find them. Back at Dame Amelia’s house they met Chantelle and Lady Amanda. Ideas were put about how to embarrass the girls so they would never want to do anything like it again. Dame Amelia said she thought they should be paraded naked around a youth’s detention centre. Lady Amanda said that would be more punishment for the youths than the girls. Chantelle said they should be put into the old fashioned swimming costumes and chained to a post at the beach. The girls said they should be walked there to embarrass them. That was agreed.

Dame Amelia got the doctored cuffs out. When Tracey explained her idea, Chantelle said they could send them all to her island. You could put them in a cage and tell the women there and I’ll guarantee they won’t want to escape. They will have their balls ripped off. The girls, they would stitch them up so they could never have sex again. Everyone laughed and agreed that would be great.

The two girls were caught at a music festival. Two of Amelia’s army girls put it round they were going to have a party afterwards. They made sure only the two girls got the invite. They said to be at the corner of the street in twenty minutes. Those two girls disappeared and when the two girls got there, all they could see was the van parked at the corner. Looking round, they didn’t notice the girls all dressed in the black skin tight latex outfits complete with masks that only revealed their eyes. Quickly the girls were jumped on and chloroformed soaked rags were held over their faces until they collapsed. The girls were pushed into the van. It rushed them to Lady Amanda’s house where they were stripped and chained to the wall in the cellar. Both were gagged with rubber gags that went from under their chins to either side of their noses. They were locked on them. Once they started to come round, they were checked they were okay and told that they escaped punishment by the law, but now they are going to pay the price. Then after the last girl left the basement, the lights went out leaving the pair in darkness.

The five lads came the next day. It didn’t take long for the girls to get them interested. The first two approached the girls and asked if they wanted to go back to their place. “Only if you tie us up” the girls replied. The lads looked at each other. This was going to be easier than they thought. Once back at their flat. The girls said it would help them to act as the bound helpless maidens if they were to tie the lads up first to show the girls what they expected. The lads looked at each other again and agreed. Little did they know the two girls were in the guides and were known to be the best at tying knots!
The lads were stripped to their pants and had their hands tied behind their backs, their ankles tied. They tried to loosen the ropes but failed. Quickly they had gags shoved in their mouths. One said in a muffled voice, “What are you doing?” He was ignored as more ropes went around their knees. Finally they were hogtied and facing in opposite directions had their right legs tied together. . That is when Emily said, “You now what? I don’t fancy it now” Michelle answered, “No. I guess all that work has knocked it out of me. I think we should go don’t you?” Emily agreed and they walked out leaving the two struggling. They turned the light out as they left. They picked up the keys to the flat and left.

Later all the girls turned up in their black outfits to pick them up. It didn’t take long before they were chained up in Lady Amanda’s cellar. The next morning Amelia, Amanda and Chantelle went back down to find the captives wriggling. The gags were removed and the captives were fed and watered, and the gags put back.

Just two hours later and the last three lads were brought down. They too were fastened to the wall. “You will stay here for a few days while arrangements are being made for your transport” Chantelle told them. That started all of them struggling. When they needed to use the toilet they were unfastened one at a time, handcuffed to two of the girls and marched to the toilet and back.

Two days later, the girls were unchained from the wall. They were marched out to a woods nearby. They looked in horror as seeing the cages hanging from the branches of trees. The cages were lowered and the two halves opened up. The girls were pushed towards them. The girls saw the bar from the back to the front with the huge rubber phallus and butt plug on it. They shook to plead “no”. It was ignored. They were lifted up and their legs held apart. One girl with rubber gloves played with them to lubricate them and they were lowered onto the objects. The front was closed and the front of the bar went through a hole in the door and a padlock was inserted and closed. Two other padlocks were closed in the hasps.

Finally the cages were pulled up so they were swinging ten feet in the air. They had to stand there with their bodies filled causing them to be immobilised. They were left there to suffer their fate. Naturally they thought they were going to die. They didn’t see the girls watching them. They were left for the night and thought they were going to die there.

The boys, back in the cellar were untied and had the handcuffs clipped on with their hands behind their backs. One asked what the third cuff was for. “For us to keep tabs on you” he was told. The same gags were put on them and then they were blindfolded and they were led out into the garden. The girls all knew what they had to. Two girls to each lad. One each side quickly grabbed their pants and yanked them down. They were slapped on their bums until they lifted their feet and stepped out of them.

The girls spun them round and pushed them together spoon style and finally snapping the third cuff around the base of the balls of the lad behind. They had no option, but they had but to have their hands running along the cock and balls of the lad behind him. The girls laughed as they watched the lads trying to escape from it. Lady Amelia said “I can see what Tracey meant, this would be entertaining. She is right. Males hate holding other people’s tackle or having a male hold theirs, unless they are gay. Of course”

Eventually they walked them down to the beach. It was most entertaining watching them fight the handcuffs while being herded to the beach. . The girls, having been in the cages for twenty hours were let out and given Edwardian swimming dresses. They put them on and one of their ankles were chained by a 20 foot chain to a stake in the sand. The boys on the other hand were left chained up but had the blindfolds removed.

After a nice picnic in front of them, the girls were told they were going to be taken to a clinic where they will be stitched up to prevent sex any more. “You forced other girls into having sex. That is something you will never experience ever again. I hope you remember what it is like”. The girls gasped behind their gags. They burst into tears.

The boys were told they were going to be put on display for the rest of their lives. Now they tried shouting. A van turned up and all of them had the chloroform soaked cloth put over their noses and soon they were asleep. The girls weren’t operated on though. They just wanted them to think they were now incapable of sex. The group of five lads and two girls were kept asleep for three days. In that time the boat arrived at Monte Christo. They were taken ashore and the lads were fitted with steel chastity belts which meant they had to sit to urinate. The girls were taken to the beach and buried up to their necks in the sand facing the sea. The lads were taken to a glass cage. There was one spot for privacy and that was the toilet. All the rest was open to the view. It had one door and just a small hatch for the food to be put in. Even the shower everyone could see them.

It didn’t take long before they woke up now. The girls watched the waves coming up the beach to drown them. They panicked and realised they were no longer gagged. They screamed. “Hello, my name is Joan. Maria has sent me here to tell you, you have a choice. Become maids to the countess or drown here. You have about an hour. Make your minds up.” A voice told them. Whoever Joan was, left them. 45 minutes later Maria asked them if they had made their minds up. “Maids or drown. What’s your choice?” They agreed to be maids. Maria arranged for them to be dug out. They were given their uniforms of black knee length dress, bloomers, petticoats, bra, cap, white aprons and shoes. All in all the girls felt the outfits were demeaning and their spirits sagged.

Later they were given food and taken to the cage where the lads were realising there was no chance of escaping. The girls opened the hatch and passed the meals through. The lads thanked them an asked how long they were going to be kept like this. Maria told them for the rest of their lives so they would never be a danger to women again. Joan saw them sag with horror.

What none of them knew was all the girls that had been raped by them had been invited to the island. The girls were ordered to serve them. When they were spotted by the rape victims, they were shocked. The victims were told the girls were there at their beck and call, any time of night or day. They made sure the girls were kept busy for the two weeks.

The following day the victims were shown the lads. They screamed with pleasure at the thought they could never escape. However it was decided that after three months they could all go home. They had learned their lesson. The girls were told the truth they had never been stitched up. When asked they said that they had met some of the farm workers and had started talking. They would like to stay. It was agreed.

The lads after two months were sent a drugged meal, flown back and left in their own places of residence. The only difference was, they still had the chastity belts on. At least they will learn their lesson. Back on the island Chantelle said “Maybe I will get the keys sent to them the next time I go back to the UK”

“All in all, that has been a successful conclusion. Here’s to the next case” Dame Amelia said and they all raised a glass to that.
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