Dee’s Downfall

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Dee’s Downfall

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My many thanks to DianaG.

Dee, who worked for the Shillington Star, was looking for a story to impress her editor. She thought that if she could get the lowdown on a scoop, she would be passed on to the national press which would mean becoming a personality and maybe even lead to TV appearances. Dee was rather good looking but had turned down many suitors due to her vanity of wanting to become famous. As a result, she didn’t have any real friends.

One morning Dee stumbled across a story where twelve girls had disappeared in one area, so she decided this was the story for her. If she could solve it, she thought she would be made. She told her editor she was onto a story but until she got more facts about it, she didn’t want to say anything, so her editor, who was fed up with her, told her to go for it.
The girls had all disappeared within a five mile circuit of Barrington. On the way there Dee heard of a rumour about a woman who was reputed to be something of a hermit. She was rich, but lived away from the gaze of other people. Finding this intriguing she headed for Stretford on Wold, and deciding to go into a café to have a cup of coffee, she asked people there if they knew anything of this woman. However, nobody could give her any information so she went out into the street to enquire.

After five hours she still had no information but as she was now rather cold she went back to the café for a coffee to warm up. That was when she heard that the woman was living in the area and looking at her map, she realised where she was and Barrington were not that far apart. She overheard a couple talking about the woman and ignoring the phrase about curiosity killing the cat, Dee butted in.

“Excuse me. I couldn’t help overhearing you. I’ve heard about this woman. How can I find her?” The couple looked at each other as Dee went on. “Please. I won’t tell her how I found out where she lives.” The couple told her that she would have to leave drive out of the village to a nearby wood where she would have to leave her car, walk along a path and take the right fork that was about 300 yards into the woods. Dee hurried away, getting excited that she would be seeing the woman.
She found a secluded place to park the car, locked it then walked along the muddy path. She walked for 5 minutes then saw the fork so took the right hand one as guided. 10 minutes later she came to another fork and stood wondering what she should do? After a few moments, she decided to go left. 100 yards further on she came to a clearing and in the clearing was a house. Not any old house, it was quite large and it surprised Dee that she hadn’t seen it sooner, but she was here now so it didn’t matter. She did notice some poles about 20 feet apart next to the wall that surrounded the property. The house itself was immaculate. Whereas in a wood you would expect the house to be a rundown shack, this wasn’t. The cement covering the walls was brilliant white, so much so that Dee was dazzled by it. She noticed that at one side, the garden rose by 12 feet. In front of the incline were two swings that looked like baby ones with sliding bars around the seats, but were a lot larger. Dee thought no more of them but thought that if they could afford this house, they would have had the garden levelled.

Gingerly she knocked at the door. If this is the house of the hermit, she would expect to meet a wizened old lady when the door opened, but instead, a good looking woman, in her thirties, immaculately dressed in a black, tight knee length skirt and cream blouse, answered the door. Dee was stunned but thought that she must be at the wrong house as she was looking for an elderly hermit.

The woman invited Dee in for a coffee and Dee explained she was a reporter and thought the story would help her career.
Dee began, “I have to admit I thought I’d be meeting at a wizened old woman, but you don’t fit the image people would expect.” The woman laughed. “Call me Elspeth, please. My mother was getting old and decided she wanted to see the world so left the house to me”

“It is beautiful. Not the sort of house you would expect in a woods”

“No. My great grandparents owned the land and planted more trees around for privacy. Since then the house has been added to and updated”.

“Well they certainly knew what they were doing”

“It’s got a few secrets.” As Dee looked puzzled, Elspeth went on, “Drink your coffee and I’ll show you around.”
Sipping her coffee, Dee asked what the poles were for. “They’re rather sophisticated sensors. They allow me to see who’s coming or leaving. I knew you were coming long before you got to the house” Dee finished the coffee and placed the cup in the table.

Elspeth went to a cupboard, and took out a remote control unit. “My mother was all into technology. Watch” Elspeth pressed a button and a panel slid back silently, and Elspeth asked Dee to follow her to the open panel. She reached inside for a switch, but no light came on.

“Blast. Leave the door open, I’ll get a torch. Be careful as you go down the stairs. You’ll see another door, and just behind that is another switch. It won’t take me a few moments to find a torch if you want to wait for me.”
Dee, full of curiosity, was off. Carefully she went down the stairs until she reached the door, finding that she had about six foot of flat floor to stand on. As she turned the handle she never heard the clicks and some catches being released. Behind her a steel barred gate quickly slid across trapping Dee in the six foot square she was standing in.
Elspeth sauntered down the stairs, her knees straining against the material of the skirt. “Well, well. What have we got here? A trapped burglar? Strip!”

An astonished Dee replied, “Do what?”

“I said take your clothes off”

“I won’t. Who do you think you are?”

“I’m the owner of this property and I’m protecting it”
“You can’t do this to me. Release me”

“Oh but I can and I have. Now take your clothes off. All of them”

That was when Dee realised she had left her phone in the lounge. “Looking for something? Your phone I suppose. They all do. The phone will be taken elsewhere and your car will be taken to a scrap merchant. You will never be found. I won’t ask again”

Dee suddenly thought “They all do? How many have there been?”

She went on, “You’re joking, now let me out.”

“Why should I joke? There is no need to gag you as this house is in the middle of nowhere and when I close the door upstairs, you are in a soundproof room. I don’t suppose you noticed there wasn’t any handle on the inside of the door so there really is no way out, even if you got out of your cage. I will go upstairs now. I will be back in an hour and if you are not naked including all jewellery and your watch, I will leave you here. In three days you will be begging to be let out. They say three days without water and your organs start to break down.”

With that Elspeth climbed the stairs and closed the door, her legs, bum and hips outlined by fighting with the skirt material, leaving Dee in the dark. Hang on, Dee thought, the light didn’t work earlier. Why did it now? Dee was panicking as she was claustrophobic, but she was determined not to give in. An hour later, Elspeth turned up and saw Dee was still dressed. “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you!” With that she turned round, climbed the stairs and shut the door again, but not until she had heard Dee scream.

Dee didn’t know how long she was there, but soon her stomach started to rumble. That turned into pangs of hunger getting worse. Dee realised Elspeth meant business and slowly removed her clothes throwing them outside of her cage.
After an unknown time, the light came on and Elspeth returned. “So you’ve decided to co-operate. Good girl. I will give you a meal. Put these on behind your back” Elspeth handed Dee a pair of handcuffs. Dee looked at them and thought she would be at Elspeth’s mercy, but that would be better than starving. Dee slipped them on and closed the cuffs clicking them until they fitted but not hurting her wrists. “Turn round” Elspeth demanded and Dee turned, to allow Elspeth to check they were tight. “Don’t try to overpower me. I don’t have the keys here.”

The barred door slid open the second Elspeth pressed the release button by the bottom of the stairs. “Come” This time Elspeth’s voice was terse and not the soft welcoming voice that welcomed Dee when they met. Dee went to say something but Elspeth cut her off. “I don’t want to hear from you until I want to,” and with that she cleave gagged Dee.
Dee was roughly shoved pushed up the stairs and led through a door into the kitchen. Elspeth rang a bell and when the door opened two maids dressed in the shortest French Maids uniforms possible stepped into the kitchen, their pure while petticoats contrasting against the stark black cotton uniforms with the brilliant white aprons. They tottered round on incredibly high heels which made their panties occasionally just peep from under the white petticoats. Something was wrong though, Dee thought. One looked really pretty but the other, she looked rather rough and Dee couldn’t take her eyes off of her.
The two maids grabbed Dee and pushed her into a high chair and her ankles were tied together before her handcuffs were removed. She was then lifted into the high chair and her hands tied to the back support. The rough looking maid was extremely strong so it didn’t take long to get Dee secured and the tray was then fitted trapping her into the chair. The gag was removed and the two maids started to spoon feed her and give her water.

“I see you were looking at my maids. They were a lovely married couple who proved very easy to reprogram” Dee looked at them then at Elspeth. “That’s right. They were husband and wife. Matthew and Charlotte. Now they’re both my pretty French maids. Mathilda and Cherie. He has his cock locked into a chastity sleeve. I use one or the other of them as I choose. Oh no, he doesn’t have sex. I make love to him! When I use one of them, the other has to stand and watch. Neither of them can talk as they have rechargeable shock collars on so the slightest whimper gives them a powerful shock.” Elspeth laughed. “Whenever I use one of them, the other one stands and cries. Each night as they sleep, their collar batteries are recharged remotely. They have a good inducement to make sure their collars receive a good charge, because if they forget to recharge them, the collars would give them such a severe shock that it would knock them unconscious and send me an alarm. I can let them roam around the house because they can never leave the area. If they get within 20 feet of those poles you saw, they would receive a knockout blow and I would get an alarm. The collars come off for their showers, but not until they are shackled to the wall, and they shower one at a time. They have to obey me or get a shock, plus if either of them displeases me, I punish the other one”

Dee realised just how devious and nasty Elspeth was. “I would like to have you as my maid, but it would take some time to train you and I’ve grown attached to these two,” Elspeth said haughtily.

Once Dee had finished the meal, the two maids quickly grabbed her, strapped her into a wheelchair and re-gagged her. “Don’t worry,” Elspeth said, “they’re only taking you outside for some sunshine. I will be with you.”
Outside, Dee was aware she was naked and at that moment in time she envied the scanty clothing the maids were forced to wear. However, the air was warm, and as she sat there, Elspeth instructed the maids to fetch the babies. Dee was puzzled, but a couple of minutes went by and the maids returned, each holding an adult dressed as a baby girl.

Their clothing consisted of a white frilly bonnet, a pink dummy, a pink dress that did up at the back with tiny pearl buttons. They each had a white petticoat underneath with a pink lace trim. They were ordered to lift their dresses which revealed a frilly nappy cover under which was a noisy plastic nappy cover and a thick towelling nappy. They both had little pink socks and white Mary Janes. Their hands were covered in pink wool mittens tied on by satin ribbons.

The maids were instructed to put them in their swings and all Dee could hear from them was baby talk which left her puzzled. Why weren’t they shouting and complaining against their indignity? The two were lifted onto the swings and the bars brought down then padlocks were put through the chain links ensuring they could not be lifted again. Their hands were fastened by the same locks and Dee noticed that they could just about touch their nappy covers which were well on display as the dresses had ridden up. All the time they were gooing just like babies.

Elspeth broke Dee’s concentration, “I can see you’re interested. There are two more people you have to meet, but I’ll explain about my maids and the babies. The maids were easy. Once they were trapped like you, they soon gave in as I’ve already explained. He caved in before her and it was great handing them their collars and his cock cage, especially when I made her fit it onto him. She begged to be able to use his body as she was feeling randy, but I refused of course and told her she would never feel his throbbing cock inside her again. What I do love to do is to make him stand behind her. He has to lift his skirt so I can see his trapped cock and she has to remove her panties and lift her skirt over her back making her visible to him. Then she has to get down on her hands and knees and lick me to an orgasm or two. It’s lovely watching his cock strain against his chastity tube. He always cries as he knows what he’s missing. When it’s the other way round, she has her hands cuffed behind her back and both of them have stocks fitted to their feet so they can’t move. She would beg me to let her have an orgasm from him, but of course she can’t speak or remove his tube. The thought of that makes me play with myself, I can’t help it. The power I have is an exciting adrenalin rush.”

Elspeth went on. “The babies? Well I wanted one, but I got these two, Mark and Cher. They were happily married until I got hold of them. The maids gave them their milk this morning, but sadly for them, there is crushed Viagra in the milk so by the time they were fastened onto the swings, they were getting randy but they can’t touch their nappy covers. It’s lovely watching them squirm, it lasts for hours. The man has it worse of course. They’re both dressed as baby girls, but in her case it’s just an extension of normal skirts. For him, he has the added indignity of being dressed like a baby girl. Can you imagine how embarrassed and humiliated he must feel? Totally dependent on women to go to the toilet, wash, get dressed, be fed. All that power men think they have, wiped out in seconds. Oh, I also have a hypnotist friend who is very good. They can think normally, but can only talk baby talk. It’s great fun watching them trying to make the other understand. They were left in the trap until my friend had hypnotised them. If course, they argued, but she held out longer than him. It makes my day when at 6 at night, they’re put to bed and strapped down in their cots. They lie there looking up at the pink mobiles above their faces, and thanks to the Viagra, frustrated as hell. Of course they hate being put to bed that early, but that doesn’t bother me. I like the peace and quiet.” She stopped and looked at Dee. “That gives me an idea. Do you fancy the job of nursery nurse? You’ll get a uniform of course. Navy blue dress, white bodiced apron and a nurse’s cap.”

Dee shook her head to say no, because she realised it would be a full time job with no time for herself. “I’ll give you two days to reconsider. After that, there will be no turning back.” Elspeth said rather sharply.
The tour of the property continued. They went up a ramp to the top of the 12 foot plateau and Dee noticed mounds of soil each about 8 feet long by 3 feet wide. Flowers were growing so obviously Elspeth liked flowers. Then she saw the hole. Same dimensions but this time it was seven feet deep. Once Elspeth had examined the hole, Dee was taken back to the house. Once again Dee was asked if she wanted to be the nursery nurse and again Dee refused.
With that, she was released from the chair, handcuffed again and frog marched through another door. Dee couldn’t see where she was going but saw the door close behind her. Her hands were locked into cuffs with long chains attached as were her ankles. The handcuffs were removed and Dee watched as Elspeth picked up a remote, pushed a button, and Dee’s hands were pulled upwards forcing her to stand with her arms held high, then her legs were pulled apart. Now she stood there completely at anyone’s mercy.

“You will soon have two babies sucking on your nipples.” Elspeth explained. ”They are also programmed to hump your legs like dogs do hoping to cum. The more they suck, the nearer to an orgasm they get. The nearer to that, the harder they suck, but they never will of course. You will find people kissing and licking your body. You’ll find out why later.”
The maids put ear plugs in Dee’s ears and between them forced a latex helmet over her head leaving her face visible. Dee panicked when she saw one of the maids approaching with another helmet. She tried to stop them, but it was impossible. The helmet was pulled down and the laces tightened; at least she could see what was going on. Straps were tightened covering the laces and Dee discovered that she could not hear anything. Then, to her horror, she saw one of the maids approach her with a latex blindfold. It was buckled tightly over her eyes so she could not see what was happening to her body.

She didn’t know how long she stood there but she soon felt lips around her nipples. Tongues started flicking them and the sucking started, and Dee could feel herself getting excited, then she felt the nappy covers rubbing her legs. As much as she tried to pull her legs back from the adult babies, they were determined to keep contact. It made her feel sick to think these two were humping her legs to try and get an orgasm.

Elspeth eventually had them sent them to bed, extremely frustrated, and a short time later Dee felt two more tongues licking her breasts and the rest of her body. It sent shivers all up and down her body then it stopped. The maids were told to leave her and go and get a drink and some snacks to eat. Dee felt a vibrator at her sex, but just as Dee was coming to the boil, it all stopped leaving her frustrated.

Looking at the young woman hanging naked in her chains, Elspeth thought, “Such a shame. She would have made a lovely nursery nurse as well. Never mind, she will still make me a lot of money.”
Dee had no idea how long she was there. She knew she was washed down and often strapped into a seat to give her arms and legs a rest.

Unknown to Dee, she was kept like that for two weeks, although at night she was put into a large cage with a mattress in it, but of course, due to the deprivation of her sight and hearing, Dee could only feel her way round. She felt the thick iron bars when she ran into them and fell over the mattress. Realising she could not escape, she lay down and pulled the covers over herself.

Sometime later she was dragged from the cell. She had no idea what day it was. The two maids held her fast, but she was too weak to resist. Elspeth ordered the maids to wash her thoroughly as she “would soon be leaving this place.”
“Oh thank goodness,” Dee thought. “She’s going to let me go.”

How wrong she was. She was given breakfast after being strapped into a chair still naked and then washed and dried thoroughly. It didn’t take long before she started feeling drowsy and fell fast asleep because her meal had been drugged.
When she woke up, she found she was in a coffin. The lid was open but she could not move. She heard Elspeth’s voice.
“Oh, you’re with us again. Well, as you can feel we’ve put you in a lovely satin nightie. You can’t move as we injected you with a drug that paralyses your muscles for 12 hours. When the lid is screwed down you won’t be able to play with yourself, because your arms will be held away from your body by those raised ridges. As a bonus though, we’re going to strap you down tightly as well. Now, you are going to make me a lot of money. I have been advertising your services on the dark web. Oh don’t worry, we know you’re a virgin and you will remain one. Never having a throbbing cock inside you so you won’t now the pleasure will you? It was my hypnotist that gave me the idea. She said she had a dream where someone made love to her on top of a coffin with someone inside who was about to be buried alive, so as one life ends, another is starting. I found there are a lot of people who had the same dream, so for the next couple of days you have people paying £3000 just to have sex on top of you. So far there are twelve customers. After that, they will attend your service and be your mourners. Your coffin will be taken to your grave by two human ponies, Eloise and Davina. My maids will make them look resplendent. They will pull your bier to the grave. You saw the hole. It has been lined with concrete to make it waterproof. All the attachments have been made for your food and your waste, breathing pipes and so on. I bet you wish now you had accepted my job as nursery nurse for my babies, don’t you? Well, you had your chance but it’s too late now. I’ll plant flowers on top of your grave so every year when they flower, I’ll think of the anniversary of your supposed death. Of course you will still be alive in your nice quiet home. No noise or bustle, all alone. No one to talk to or to listen to. I wonder how long it will be before you go mad. Everybody up top enjoying the sunshine while you’re down there in the dark and unable to relive your frustration. Oh yes, you will be frustrated as you will be fed liquid food laced with Viagra to make you want to scratch your itch, which you will not be able to do of course.”

Elspeth ordered the maids to get the ponies and bier and Elspeth sat Dee up so she could see the two magnificent human ponies dressed in the tightest latex imaginable, hitched to a four wheeled trailer. Their hands were in gloves with horse shoe ends and Dee noticed their feet were laced into the strictest boots that looked like pony feet complete with horse shoes. The maids lifted the coffin onto the bier and Dee was taken to see her grave.
“There,” said Elspeth, pointing. “That heavy concrete lid will be lowered onto the top and sealed with cement. After that we will pour dirt into the hole and cover them with stones after planting flowers for you, then we will attend your wake and you can think of us enjoying ourselves. The only comfort you may get is that you won’t be alone. Oh yes. Under those other flower beds are all the others who came snooping around. You won’t be able to hear them as I made sure there was enough distance in between to kill the sound.” Now Dee knew the answer to the missing girls, but could do nothing about it, knowing that she was about to become yet another missing girl. Because she had been so secretive with her editor, nobody knew where she had gone, and she thought bitterly, that the editor and the others wouldn’t care if she never returned.
Dee was taken back to the room where she found herself when she woke up. A gag of sorts was fastened around her chin and under her nose. Her lips were forced apart and a tube was inserted, “Don’t worry, this gag also air tubes so you can breathe through your mouth if need be. Waste air goes out through the sides. Now while you can’t stop us, we have to fix you waste tubes in place. You won’t feel them of course thanks to the drugs.

Stainless steel inserts were put into her vagina, bladder and anus and glued into place. Attachments were made that led to the walls of the coffin. They were screwed to the threaded flanges and sealed with glue, and the same went from her gag to the walls. “We have to make sure no insects crawl into you don’t we? The funny part is that even when you are buried we will have people wanting to screw each other in the cemetery, which brings us £500 a time. Your car has already been completely crushed as I give the car to a scrap man who knows better than to ask no questions. Your phone has sent a message to your editor from 200 miles away so don’t think that anyone will ever find you. Anyway, tomorrow you start earning your money. For your funeral I thought the hymn abide with me and the Lord’s Prayer for you and I shall be your vicar. I’ll leave my maids to close you up now and feed you. I wish you a long and happy life in your death. The first one has been here for five years now and we still hear her screaming!

Elspeth left the room and the maids proceeded to tightly fasten leather straps round Dee at her ankles, below and above her knees, round her waist, below and above her breasts and one round her neck. That wasn’t tight, but still prevented Dee from lifting her head. As a final insult, straps above her elbows and round her wrists were tightly buckled. The coffin lid was then screwed down and Dee found that there was a transparent window at her head, allowing her to see out. From Elspeth’s point of view, it also allowed her clients to see in. The maids then poured liquid into the feeding tube and once it was all gone left Dee, turning the light out. In the lounge, Elspeth spoke to the maids, Mathew and Charlotte and Eloise and Davina, the ponies. “I bet you all wish you could talk don’t you? However, if I let you talk, you would have to go into the ground as well, so best remain silent and alive. Eloise and Davina, you have amazed me how quickly you adapted to using your hooves for doing things. You’re much quicker learners than Mark and Cher. You can at least turn a light on. They still can’t do that,” then she ordered the maids to make sure the babies were settled down for the night.

The next day Dee lay there. She could hear something going on, then food was fed to her again. An hour later, the first of Elspeth’s clients turned up. Through the window on her coffin she saw a woman climb on. It took an hour before the pair were screwing each other like there was no tomorrow. Very quickly the woman was screaming in pleasure. By this time, the Viagra in the food had kicked in and Dee was trying to get her hands past the blocks either side of her body. She was screaming in her mind as she sought to relieve the tension that built up within her.
This happened time after time over the next two days. 12 couples had screwed on her coffin and even she realised that the thought of someone going to be buried who was still alive was a turn on for some people, especially when they could see her face.
On the 3rd day, Elspeth turned up dressed as a vicar.

“Well, today’s your big day Dee. You enter your own private little world.” The room filled up and an organ started to play. Abide with me was played and Elspeth read the Lord’s Prayer. After that, the crowd of mourners, including the maids, babies, and the visitors all rose to follow the coffin to its resting place. Dee’s coffin was loaded onto the bier. The ponies were led out by the maids and stopped at the edge of the hole dug for Dee’s coffin. The coffin was lifted off of the bier and laid on two bars across the hole. Straps were passed under it and the bars removed and slowly the coffin was lowered. Dee was screaming as much as she could against the gag holding the tubes in her mouth. She wanted to kick and struggle, but the tight straps held her fast. Elspeth looked into her coffin and smiled as it was slowly lowered down into the hole. Dee saw the concrete rise up and her view of the sky narrowed, then someone jumped onto the coffin and joined pipes from the coffin to match up with the food and waste connections that would allow Dee to take nourishment and air and dispose of her waste. The pipes were sealed to the coffin, cement was added to the top of the walls of the pit, and the person checking everything then climbed out.

Dee watched as the heavy concrete slab was passed over the top of the coffin and watched as it was lowered onto the walls of the pit. She knew the wet cement would seal the lid to the pit walls sealing her in. On top, dirt was put on to cover the slab, then flowers were planted and stones put all over the area to match the other graves. At least Dee knew she was not alone in the ground, even though she could neither see nor hear them let alone know who they were.
The crowd above had drinks and gradually wandered off leaving the maids to tidy up. In the lounge, Elspeth was pouring another drink and thinking of the next female reporter she would catch. She worked out the bonus for the couple who Dee first saw and phoned them to tell them to come an pick up their bonus and tell them how much she appreciated their help as she really just wanted to live her life alone.

Down in the cold dark hole, Dee cried as she realised her fate was to just lie there unheard or unseen by anybody.
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