Outward Bound holiday

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Outward Bound holiday

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Didi, Sandi, Cilla and I, Georgie, decided we had enough of staying in thanks to the lock down. We decided we wouldn’t risk it yet, but go for another walk in the local woods. We were hoping to see a muntjak deer or two, but what we found turned out to be far more interesting.

We hadn’t gone too far in when we heard a noise. We stopped and listened. From some way away we could hear someone who seemed to be in trouble. Carefully we went as quietly as we could as we had no wish to meet up with the people who might be beating the person in distress up.

We came to a small clearing and you could have knocked all down with a feather. There, tied to a tree was a man wearing nothing but a pair of short swim shorts. He was gagged, but not blindfolded. The look on his face was that of horror. Didi spoke up. “That look tells me you did this to yourself. Nod if you did”. The man nodded. He started to work on untying his wrists from behind the tree and Cilla dashed forward, “Oh no you don’t. We can have some fun with this” and tied his wrists more efficiently. “You might as well enjoy yourself. Nod if I am right. You have been captured by some girls and are being held prisoner while they have their way with you” He nodded again. “Well, your fantasy has just come true. I like what I am looking at and want some of the action” she said glancing down at the increasing bulge in his shorts.

Cilla and I went to the ropes around his ankles. Didi pulled his shorts shown exposing his rather large prick. “Oh wow” I found myself saying. “Georgie. Behave. We should draw straws who gets the first go” .We untied his ankles, pulled the shorts off of him and retied his ankles. “That’s better. Now we can see the monster at large” Didi said. When we looked at her, she was licking her lips. The poor soul must have wondered what was going to happen to him.

With Cilla and Didi on their knees kissing his cock, Sandi reaching underneath him and massaging his balls and me running my hands over his chest including running my fingernails right down the length of his body to his stomach, he was quick to respond. His cock was fully engorged. It was the most rigid I’d ever seen a cock. The next thing was Didi had his cock in her mouth and was going backwards and forwards.

The other three of us watched as he moaned and collapsed as he came into her mouth. Didi swallowed the lot and said that was nice. “He must eat pineapple”. I found some more rope, put it behind his neck and over his shoulders then under his armpits. Cilla went behind him and toed the two ends together. He was now unable to lean forward.

We told him not to run away as we went back to our holiday cottage. Didi took a shower and a stiff drink. As we sat there eating dinner, Sandi said we could leave him there, although it is warm, it would be frightening for him. Didi said she had an idea. They would take something back for him to eat and drink and allow him to pee. But she wanted to be stripped and tied to him. “I’ll keep him warm” she told us. We thought that would be good. I thought that Didi wanted to be impaled on him and left tied to him for the night. While she was getting the food, Sandi came up with an idea. We were right about wanting to be stuck with his cock inside her. Sandi explained her idea. She flew into her bedroom and brought back a male chastity cage. “If we put it on him first and then can tell him we will untie him to allow him to eat but unless he allows us to tie him up again, the keys will be thrown away” We all thought Sandi was kinky but she said she bought it for her boyfriend but he refused to wear it. However, we thought it was a great idea.

Cilla went back to the shed and came back with a couple of stakes and a mallet. We looked at her when Didi came back into the room, “It’s so we can fasten his feet and let Didi get herself into a good position”. Back at the woods, we watched him struggling still. Sandi fitted the chastity cage on him and told him the facts. We could let him out but if he ran off or refused to let us retie him, the keys will be thrown into the lake. We thought it was a good idea. He agreed. We told him we still wanted to have fun and none of us have yet met a man who does not want to be tied up and used. After all, if we tie him up, how can we scream he raped us? We untied him and let him eat and drink, finally going to the toilet.
Once again he was tied to the tree. We put the gag back in his mouth before undoing the chastity cage. Cilla drove the stakes into the ground. I could see the puzzled looks on his face. As part of the act, Didi started and argument. We grabbed her, stripped her bare. It was good to see his cock now fully engorged with blood again.
Didi was gagged, her hands tied behind her back and we walked her over to him. Sandi took some rope, threaded it under her arm pits and Cilla tied it tightly pulling Didi to him. She was unable to move. Then we grabbed her legs and tied them to the post forcing her vagina to be fully exposed.

Didi was muffling something, so we removed their gags and said we hoped they had a lovely time. As we walked away, we could see Didi trying to rub herself up and down his shaft. We went into fits of laughter.
A few drinks back at the cottage and we turned in for the night. The next day we returned to the pair to see them worn out trying to massage themselves into an orgasm, so we released them and they both said they had become friendly, very friendly.
We let them sleep in the same bed, however with the pair of them having their hands tied behind their backs. When we left for home all Didi could do was talk about how she enjoyed being tied up. Months on and they decided to get hitched. The three of us decided to get them a present between us.

The night before the wedding, (we had the hen night the week before), we got Didi round, stripped her and locked a chastity belt on her. Sandi had arranged for Terry (the man himself) to be fitted with that chastity cage. One of us had the keys. Instead they were put into parcels and left in their hotel room. Didi’s had the key to Terry’s and Terry''s parcel had the key to Didi’s chastity belt.

At the wedding neither of them showed any sign of their woes. Supposing the keys were stolen? What a wedding night. We had arranged for the vicar to not only do the ceremony but once they were joined, he handcuffed them together. Now they were joined in matrimony.
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