The boot is on the other foot now.

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The boot is on the other foot now.

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Mark Townsend was a rich fortunate guy at the time, but that was about to change. He had his own business that he didn’t even have to manage. He had a manager who was very successful so he gave him a percentage of the profits, plus a percentage went to the staff he employed. But then trouble started. Not with the firm. The money was still rolling in. Mark’s problem was he never read things properly. He was to learn the hard way what was to happen if he does not read things correctly.

Mark missed his girlfriend Karen badly. The reason they split was she wouldn’t do as she was told. It happened just over a year ago, and now she was now with someone else. Mind you, Mark had several flings as well. Mark looked through the internet to see if there was anything that could take his mind off of his problems. Then he somehow hit on Mistress Xavera’s web site. At first he laughed at the idea of a woman being in control. (He is a control freak up to this point of time. That’s why his girlfriend left him).

Looking into it, she seemed to have a well-stocked dungeon. Chains, whips, ropes, handcuffs, paddle, St. Andrews cross. You name it and it was all there. But one thing intrigued him. It was a link to say “Click if interested”. It led to “For more exciting news, phone me on this number”. (I can’t put a number in as someone will try phoning)

At the bottom of the page was “Contact me, but be prepared to worship me. You will be mine. You will lose your identity and become my slave. You will be worthless, a nobody. You will have nothing and everything you have will be mine”.

Mark thought she was playing up to the part and was doing it well, so he turned off the computer and got on with his doing nothing all day. He needed a hobby or a part time job to keep his mind occupied. Sadly for him as the days went by, he kept thinking of Mistress Xavera in her very high cut leather leotard outfit with what looked like a riding crop. The outfit left nothing to the imagination. Her face was covered in a mask though.
He kept dropping the idea of contacting her, but finally after a week, he opened his computer up and clicked on the contact button. Immediately there was a picture of her cracking the whip. “You will phone me NOW slave”. After 30 seconds it came up with “Why are you keeping me waiting?” Again the whip cracked. The web site was good. Another 15 seconds and “Send me your photo SLAVE. Right now”

He thought it was a joke but found a photo of himself on the computer and sent it. She didn’t know where he lived. Up came “That’s it slave. Now be a good slave and phone me” 10 seconds went by and “I’m waiting. Don’t upset your mistress” appeared on the screen. She was anxious.

He phoned and made arrangements to meet at her address. He had to wait a month. The day came and he drove to a normal house. Nothing like the web site. He questioned her. “How dare you question your mistress? Your job is to obey. But in this case I will let you off as everyone asks that question. No, seriously I am not Mistress Xavera. My name is Rhona. I am the agent. She pays me every time someone comes. Plus more if they become her slaves. The dungeon is not here. If you decide to become her slave, I will pick you up and take you there, blindfolded of course. I have earned lots of money and Mistress has only been in business for about a year” .

Mark could feel he was getting a boner. Even the agent was extremely gorgeous. Tall, slim, attractive. He thought about what she would look like as a dominatrix. She handed him some papers. “Read these carefully and sign if you want to go through with it. It is a contract from Mistress Xavera saying you will follow and obey her. I have to warn you, do not cross her, she gives you three warnings and that is it. She shows no mercy” By now Mark was rather excited and had to grasp his stiffening cock through his jeans. “Leave that alone. There will be no touching in front of your Mistress and I don’t want to see it either. Now, I want to know what your sizes are” Mark was puzzled, but he complied. “5 feet 9 inches tall, waist 30 inches, hips 32 inches, Chest 38 inches. Size 8 shoes” Rhona wrote it all down. “I will send them off to Mistress Xavera later. Then she took a photograph of him and put it on her computer.

Has there been many slaves?” Mark asked. “That is not your right to ask. I will tell her about it later. Right, this is what you will need” With that she opened up her eBay pages and showed Mark some soft satin shorts. Really they were for sleeping in, but they were perfect for showing any reaction Mark might show. “They don’t hide much do they” he said. “That is not your right to question. Mistress likes her slaves to wear nothing or very little”
Mark was getting an automatic reaction. He imagined himself standing there wearing them while Mistress Xavera inspected him. “You can stop those thoughts straight away” Rhona shouted at him. “As soon as you have 3 pair of those shorts, phone me”

Mark went home after paying the £50 demanded for the session, disappointed he wasn’t getting what he thought, but at home ordered the shorts. It took 10 days for them to turn up. He had bought three pair. When he tried them on he realised if he ever got an erection, it would show. Mind you, they did feel nice. He even started to get erect again. While he sat there in them he phoned the number. Rhona answered. Mark told her he has the shorts. He had to prove it so used his phone to send a photo of himself. Once satisfied, Rhona said she will contact Mistress Xavera and make the arrangements. He would get an email and a link to make the £200 payment for the 2 hours.
Two days later, there was the email. He was to be wearing his shorts and nothing else apart from trainers. He could cover himself up with an overcoat. “Be ready by 09.30 sharp next Tuesday. Bring all your shorts” Mark was apprehensive and yet excited at the same time.

The Tuesday arrived and Mark was waiting to see if a car turned up or it was a scam. At 09.29 the car arrived. Mark left his house and after locking the front door, ran to the car. He was told to put a blindfold on and wait. I a few minutes he was pulled out of the car and shoved into the boot. “You can remove the blindfold, but brace yourself for the journey” Mark had no idea where they were going.
An hour later, the car stopped and Mark was told to put the blindfold on. Rhoda helped him from the boot and removed his overcoat. Rhoda led him to the house. He entered a passage where he was told to remove the blindfold.
The passage was dimly lt. From a speaker a female voice screamed, “Enter the residence of your mistress slave. Do not talk unless I give you permission” Mark saw the door in front of him and opened it finally entering the room that was decorated all in red. “Close the door, slave” That is when he noticed Rhoda had gone. In front of him on as throne dressed in the leotard outfit with a red robe covering her shoulders was Mistress Xavera. “Kneel at my feet” He did as he was told. “Good. You learn well. You have entered here of your own free accord to surrender yourself to my will” He nodded. You may speak slave” “Yes” “Yes what!” “Yes I entered of my own free will” “That is your first mistake. You have two more. You will always say Mistress when you answer me”

Xavera stood up, “Rise slave. You will go to the door on the right and I will join you shortly”. He did as he was told and in a few moments a nun entered the room. Except he knew it was Xavera because of the mask. “You will go through the right hand door of the two in front of you. You will find several forms for you to sign. When you have done so, you will place the forms into the drawer and close the drawer. I will then read that you have signed it and will take your confession” “It’s only Catholic priests that can take confessions” “That is your second mistake. You answered back and never called me mistress. You have one last chance” Mark thought if he made the final mistake would he be thrown out and made to walk home from heavens knows where whilst wearing only these short shorts. That meant a waste of £200.

From the other side of the confession booth Mistress Xavera asked, “Confess my son, what are your torments, dreams and wishes” “What do you mean confess? To what?” “My son, confess what are your dreams. Bondage, imprisonment, forced cross dressing, babyhood once more. Whipping, torturing. Chastity, pet training? Horseplay?” “Well, being tied up would be a good start. Maybe imprisonment. Wearing women’s clothes? I’m not into that at all” “Not even as a maid or a sexy French maid?” “No way would you catch me in that sort of thing. Being dressed as a baby is out. Chastity? You are joking” “Well my son, you have confessed but let me remind you, you have signed the contract that you will surrender to me and what I say goes” “It isn’t a legal contract” “Oh but it is. I had it drawn up by a solicitor” “That still doesn’t make it legal” “Well my son, you are lucky that while in the confession booth, any discretion does not count or you would have more than once gone past your third time of making a mistake” “How do you get that?” “Because my son, you never once called me mistress” Please leave the confession booth and we will start. We have two weeks to train you” Mark thought she must have made a mistake as she said two weeks. He only paid for two hours.

Mark and Xavera left the confession booth. Xavera had removed the nun’s habit. She still had the mask on. Mark wondered if he would ever see her face. “Follow me slave and we will do a tour of your new world. Turn around and have your back to me” “Yes Mistress” Mark turned round. He felt a collar being fitted. “It is a shock collar so if you try anything or try to escape, it will be strong enough to knock you out” “Yes mistress. Thank you mistress”

When Mark turned back he saw a door had opened He didn’t even see a doorway there before. Xavera stepped through the doorway. “Come slave. Follow me” “Yes mistress” He followed her through the corridor and down some stairs. They entered a room with several doors, each having a barred, glassless window with a face at them. Seated at a table in the same outfit as Xavera was Rhona. She was looking at some monitors. “Prisoner in cell one has started to break. Give him a bit more time” “Turn on the air conditioning to as cold as it can get. That will break him” The monitor screen showed a naked man huddling to get warm.

“Cell two is ready for conditioning madam” Rhona pointed out. The screen showed a man spread eagled in a standing position with a rope tied around his balls to a weight held a foot above the floor. She kept on talking. “Slave 3 has conceded, but 4 is hanging on” Cell 3 showed a man tied to a chair and forced to watch porn films. Cell 4 held a woman strapped down with a machine pounding her pussy as hard as it could. “How many orgasms has she had?” “Three mistress” Stop the machine. Leave her for twenty minutes and then start again and as she starts to cum, turn it off. Keep doing it. We will leave her frustrated. In fact that could help us later as well as punishing her” Mark was told that there was audio in cell four so a tape could be played conditioning the prisoner. But the speaker on the computer was turned off.

Another corridor and a door to the right (Cell 6) and there was a man tightly strapped into a bed. Xavera told Mark that by now his nappy must be well and truly soiled. “He is dressed like a baby girl. Even if he does escape, can you imagine him waddling down the street like this? We will change him in a while when he concedes he is my slave”

In another door (Cell 6)was a cage with the face covered by a steel plate locked in place! The steel bar door was locked with three locks. The man inside had his hands cuffed to the side bars so he could not play with himself. He was wearing a tiny skirt with a white apron. “He will soon come round. He will be my French maid as he has lovely legs. He will get no food until he surrenders completely” Another door and there was a wall halfway built. Behind it was a naked man chained to the wall trying to pull the manacles out of the wall. His lower torso had been covered by bricks but the top half was visible. He was crying and begging to be released. Xavera said one word. “Surrender” and then walked on. She told Mark that it was his wish to be bricked up alive for a day and then released.” Once he was chained up, we told him every hour another brick level would be added and they would never be taken down so he would be in there forever. At first he thought we were joking. Now he thinks we are serious”. Mark thought “She is good at this”

The final door showed the room with the St. Andrews cross. There were chains hanging from the wall, a selection of riding crops, whips, paddles, handcuffs and manacles. Hoods and many other instruments of torture. Rhoda followed them into the room. “Fix him up for an hour. Mark was fastened to the cross by Rhoda and once his hands were fixed, his trainers were removed and his shorts followed. His feet were anchored to the bottom parts. Xavera got a riding crop and lifted his balls and cock with the spade end.

His shock collar was removed and then Xavera started to hit his cock with the crop. Mark screamed. “Surrender slave. You are all mine to do as I will with” “No mistress. I will not surrender” Another swipe, another scream, but still no surrender. “Gag him Rhona and we can leave him”. The gag consisted of a thick leather posture collar that fastened at the back and locked. From the front a thick leather piece that protruded, went up over the chin and from there a piece went into his mouth holding his tongue down. Xavera hit him with the crop once more and as he screamed, Rhona rammed it in his mouth and quickly fastened the collar, finally locking it. “Slave, we are leaving you here. We will be back later” Xavera told him. The pair walked off, turned the light out and he heard the door close.

Mark stood there in the dark for a long time before Rhona came back with some of the other girls. They were all naked. Rhona cupped his balls. “Are you going to play ball with us or do we have to play with your balls?” All Mark could do was mumble. “I didn’t catch that” and one of the girls have his balls a hard swipe with a table tennis bat. Mark screamed into the gag. “You have got that to perfection Mandy. If Sue goes the other side, you could play swing ball with him” Mandy and Zoe got either side of him and started hitting his balls while Rhona held his cock up.
In a matter of minutes, he was in pure agony. Rhona got the girls to stop. “Soften it up for him” The two girls started to stroke his cock and even though he was in pain, he soon shot his lot. “Now we have his attention, let’s get him fitted”. Zoe ran off and came back with a box. Rhona opened it and took out a metal chastity cage. “You know what this is don’t you. It’s the end of your freedom. Slave”

She gave Mandy the ring that goes behind the balls. “It doesn’t matter how you do it, get it on him. It won’t hurt me one little bit” Mandy placed the ring under his balls and pushed and pulled them through it. She pushed his flaccid cock through the ring and pulled the ring back to his body. Mark was screaming against the gag. Not only were his balls sore, the ring kept pinching the skin as his cock was threaded through. Once that was in place, Zoe was given the cock tube. “Say goodbye to your pleasure. Get him into it” Zoe eased the tube over his cock. Shona took the lock, held it in front of his face. “This will make sure you never get it off again”. She put the lock into the lug holes and “Click” She shut it and Mark was now trapped. The girls took it in turn to rub themselves up and down the ribs of the cock cage. Zoe managed to have an orgasm over it, the other two were jealous and frustrated.

He was released from the cross and dragged along to Mistress Xavera. She asked if he has surrendered. He replied he hadn’t. She looked harshly at him and he responded with Mistress. “Take him to cell 6 and lock him in the cage. The client in there has conceded he would be my French Maid. I didn’t think he would but I feel the silence got to him”

Mark was grabbed and frogmarched to cell 6. The door was opened and the maid who was in the cage was released. Mark was shoved in and locked in the cage. The last thing he saw was the man dressed as a French maid locking the barred door to his cage and curtseying as he was ordered to close the metal sheet door covering his face and he heard him say “Thank you mistress”. All he heard after was heels clicking away from him and the door closing. He could see nothing, felt a fool standing there naked, unable to pleasure himself. And unable to escape.
Mark had no idea how long he was in the cage before he was dragged out, had his hands cuffed behind him and forced down to Madam Xavera. The collar/gag was removed. Xavera looked down at him. “Well?” “I want to go home” “Home? To what? You don’t have a home now. You signed everything to me” “I didn’t” “Oh yes you did, your car, your house, your company. You work for me now” “It’s not a legal document” “I used to be a solicitor and I can assure you, all the forms you signed under no duress, are legal. Rhona show him the video”

A picture flashed up on the screen. It was him, all alone, signing the documents. There was no one with him. “Your clothes have been given to a charity. Your car is up for sale as your house will be in a few days, once it’s decorated. You partner and employees will be told you have sold out to me next week” Mark’s heart dropped. Xavera had beaten him.
“You have now had your third and final chance. Not once did you call me mistress. Now you will be severely punished. You know what to do girls”. Mark was led out of the room and was pushed into another room. The girls grabbed him and lifted him onto a table. His hands were released but before he could react, he found himself strapped down to a table. His chastity cage was removed, they checked it was not causing damage to him an then and then re-applied. This time the ring and tube was wet. It did help to slide it on properly. Once both parts were on, Mark’s cock reached the end of the tube. Rhona taunted him with the lock once more. Finally she locked it, trapping him once more. Now she covered the underneath with the same fluid and pushed it right back between his legs. Mandy got some duct tape and taped it down. That is when Zoe gagged him again.

“The fluid you feel is an industrial strength superglue. It should take about three hours to fry and another 48 to be irreversible, which means you will never be able to remove it. You will have to sit and pee like us girls. Don’t try to get it off. Yes, we have some slaves who for some reason the glue did not work on, so we had to push their balls back into their bodies, cut their foreskin and stitch it to the underside of their bodies finally covering the cock with the empty ball sac. The two flaps were stitched together and after a week or so when the parts fuse together, we removed the stitches. So we will be leaving you here for the day. But let’s just fill the lock in for now” Mandy got some paste and carefully pushed it into the lock. “That will harden and be impossible to remove”.

With no gag in his mouth, Mark pleaded with them not to do it. It was a waste of time. They were relishing in what they were doing. Mandy told him there was no need for a gag as there wasn’t anyone around to help him. Mark tried all ways to get free but the straps held firm. He lay there thinking about the lock paste getting harder and the glue on the tube holding his cock down. Tears ran down the sides of his face. His eyes were stinging him. Eventually he fell fast asleep, but it was a very disturbed sleep.

The next day he was showered, dried, and his hands were cuffed behind his back. They dragged him to Madam Xavera. She nodded to the girls and before he knew it, he was standing there with his hands chained to a beam on the ceiling and his feet chained a foot apart to the floor.

“I will give you that you are very obstinate. I will give you that you are strong willed, but so am I. I gave you a chance to surrender. Now you will join my team of servants that I hire out. You will do a good job or trust me, what we have done to you is nothing by comparison” Another girl walked in who he had not met yet. Xavera kept on talking, “what did you find Maria?” Maria gave Xavera a list which she read with interest. Then on the screen came pictures of big breasted girls. “Oh, so you like big breasted girls. We will have to see what you think of them if you had them. Girls, get busy and get him dressed”.

Xavera watched a corset was placed around his waist and the strings were tightened. Mark tried to complain that he was having trouble breathing. He was told to control his breathe. Long slow breathes would help. The girls released his hands and feet and held him down to a table. He didn’t realise how strong these girls were. It was a waste of time fighting them as he was only getting hurt.

Xavera started talking again, “I see your girlfriend Karen left you because you controlled her every action. The way she dressed, where she had to go, everything. Now you are controlled by me. I spoke to her and she tells me she was upset. She loved you, but you would not stop controlling her. He hated wearing those ultra-short skirts you made her wear when you went out shopping. She was sure people could see her knickers. She told me you hate the colour black. Interesting. She told me she was really upset when you split up”

A panty girdle was pulled up his legs. “That will keep you reminded what you are wearing” Rhona told him. Looking in the mirror he noticed it padded out his hips and bum. “That gives you the right shape” A bra was put on him and a couple of large breast inserts were put into the cups. They felt wet. Mark was hoping it was only water and not the glue.

A pair of self-support thick black stockings were pulled up his legs. A nylon petticoat was pulled over his head. “Until your hair grows, you will not be able to leave the building. In the meantime, we will teach you how to walk like a woman and soften your voice. Once your hair grows we can give you a maid’s hair style” Rhona told him. His ears were pierced and sleepers were put in. “We have some lovely pearl earrings which will go with your uniform” Zoe told him, “In a couple of weeks, we will put them into your ears”

A black uniform dress was produced and slipped on him. Rhona did up the studs. Mandy took the little white apron and tied it around his waist with a large bow “There that makes it. You look very pretty” Mark’s heart fell. Chloe got some flat shoes and out them on his feet. “You will be able to work all day in these so you can complete your work”

Xavera told the girls to start his training. Over the course of the weeks, he had been so demoralised that he complied. All the time Mark complained that the breasts were heavy and the bra straps hurt his shoulders. The girls weren’t interested. They got him a sports bra with wider straps.

By the time he had finished his deportment and voice training his hair had grown, so the girls permed his hair for him. Once that was set, Rhona clipped the little maid’s hat to his head. “Oh wow! You look beautiful. The beauty of being a maid is you don’t need make up” All the girls were saying how lovely he looked. Even though Mark was downhearted at what was happening to him he still reused to submit.

Xavera looked at him sternly. Well, our trick on you didn’t work. That wasn’t superglue, it was only water as you have found out. I have been in contact with your ex-girlfriend. She is really mad at you and wants you as her maid. So I am supplying you to her. If she tells me that your work isn’t up to her high standards, then your cock will be stitched down between your legs. So I would not upset Karen if I were you”

Mark hadn’t thought about the cock cage locked on him. He had grown used to it. He thought it was superglue but never even thought it was strange his cock was allowed to expand and contract in the tube. Xavera went on talking. “All your male clothes have gone. From now on, all you will be is a maid. Karen has given me an impressive list of your jobs. You have to do all the housework, hang out the washing and more importantly, go shopping. Of course you will have to go in that uniform. Maids do not go out shopping dressed like that. But you will. That will make you stand out. It will be very embarrassing for you, but I don’t care. Nor will the people who take you one to do all their housework. Enjoy your new life”

Mark had no option than to go along with it and hope that he would be able to escape from wherever he was going to be taken to. Came the big day, Mark was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. He was marched to a van and when the rear doors were open he could see the seat in it. He was pushed to the seat, his hands released and fastened to the arms of the seat. His feet were fastened next. “Just to make sure one hears you” Xavera said as she buckled the gag into his mouth. The safety belt went on and he was trapped. There weren’t any windows so he has no idea where he was going. The doors slammed shut on him. The van turned one way and the other so he had no idea which way they were heading.

Eventually they stopped and the doors opened. Mark was released and led to the big house. He didn’t know what to expect. He headed for the front door. “Oh no. Maids go in through the back door” Xavera took him around the back. She rang the bell. “Don’t forget, when the door opens, you curtsy nicely if she speaks to you”

The door opened and there was his ex-girlfriend Karen. “Oh hello Sharon, you have brought Marianne to work for me at last” Mark curtsied. It was the last thing he wanted to do was upset everything now. He had no idea what would happen if he did.

Karen spoke next. Your duties as a maid is cleaning ad serving me and my guests! Mark was stunned. He didn’t move. Xavera (Sharon, who had removed her mask by now) said “Oh dear, it looks like Marianne will have to back for the cock stitching”. Mark wanted to scream but nothing came out. He suddenly noticed a resemblance between Xavera and Karen. “Yes, we are sisters. Karen has been watching your training” Xavera said. Mark suddenly realised and curtsied and sad “Thank you ma’am”.

Karen told him the house belongs the Xavera so she will be coming quite regularly. Xavera went on talking, “The house was paid for by the sissy maids like yourself. They don’t get paid. Instead all their wages and hiring fees go into my account, along with al the money I make from the sale of their property. . All 75 of them. You were to be hired out, but when Karen saw you, she wanted you for herself”

Karen told him her new boyfriend lives there and he is a body builder so if Marianne thinks about trying anything or trying to escape, he will beat the life out of you. You used to control me. Now the boot is on the other foot. Come, I will show you the house”

A tour of the house ensued and Mark was shown his Spartan room. All in dark grey with black furniture. “Right, now let me get this straight with you. You either obey every command Karen gives you. Then thank her and curtsy or we come and get you and stitch your cock back between your legs. I wouldn’t run to the police or fire brigade as those films showed you signed those documents without any duress from me. If you think Karen looks a little like me, she is my sister. She was hurt badly when you split, but she couldn’t take it any more with your bossing her about. Now you have a chance to find out what it is like. Her boyfriend is a body builder so don’t think you can overpower Karen. I’ll leave you now to enjoy your life. I’m certainly enjoying mine and Karen will in future with a maid to do all the housework. Karen saw every minute of your progression and has a copy of all the films. She was watching the whole time. You should be careful who you meet in future. Goodbye” Xavera told him. Then she kissed Karen on the cheek, told her to enjoy and left.
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