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I'm not super happy with this one. I feel like I could have done more with it. I hope you like it. Feedback appreciated.

-------- Dinner --------

"I don't know, it just seems so unfair to me you know? I mean, when the guy finishes, it's just over", he said waving his water glass around at the table. "If the girl isn't satisfied, he's all tired and spent. It’s like, sorry, the transaction is complete or whatever!"

Victoria giggled in between bites of fettuccine. "So, what are you trying to tell me Chris? That you can go all night? Bold move for our first date you know..."

"What?", Chris said feigning shock. "No, I'm a normal guy with normal guy problems. I'm just saying I recognize the inequity in the arrangement", he said grinning as he spoke.

Chris always had a way of directing conversations to sex when he was on dates. A little subtle hint here, a joke there, and eventually he'd get her comfortable enough to speak candidly. He wasn't really sure if he did this on purpose or if he genuinely liked talking about sex with strangers. What was clear was that by this time in the date, he felt great; like he was in college again. His heart was racing and his words were thick with subtext. Foreplay, special attention, afterglow... He wanted her to know he did what it takes to make her happy.

Chris had met Victoria through a mutual friend at work, Janet. He'd been working with Janet for a nearly a decade and they had tackled many tough projects. And while Janet was a beautiful, smart, and funny woman, they had been working together so long that she’d basically become a work-spouse. She was also married, which made everything quite a bit simpler as well. He had been chatting with her a few days ago that he hadn't been out in a long while and felt like life was passing him by. A few days later, Janet came in with Victoria.

"Well, Janet said you were a nice guy", Victoria said as she raised her wine glass to her lips, "not a fuck-on-the-first-date kinda guy." Her eyes narrowed on him over the rim of the glass.

"Whoa hang on there, I'm a gentleman", he tried to recover. "I'm not saying anything about tonight. I'm just saying, you know, ladies first."

She giggled again and set her wine down on the table. Her gaze was intense, but amused. Her simple diamond earrings, silver pendant necklace, and minimal makeup was paired with a knee length, smart, black dress. With her tall slender figure, short brown professional hair, and knowing expression, she had the look of a college professor. A well respected, and very drooled over professor.

"OK, change of subject", he said strategically. "What else did Janet tell you about me? Hopefully it wasn't all as mundane as 'nice guy'"

"Oh, she said you were a huge asset to the company. Very successful.", she smiled. "She knows I prefer guys who just, have it together more. Kind of had enough of fakers."

"Good thing she hasn't seen my laundry room...", he joked.

"Oh yes, she also said you were funny, and honest, and well... lonely."

"Hmm, well, I guess if anyone has been able to take advantage of me being a lonely workaholic...", he quipped.

"How long has it been?", she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh... So, now I guess I have to be honest since that's what you've been told...", he said with fake exacerbation.

Victoria reached for her wine and took a sip, looking at him intently as he played with his meatballs.

"To be honest, I don't really remember, maybe five years. Haven't thought about it in a while.", he said.

"Didn't end well? I'm assuming you didn't break her heart Mr. Nice Guy?", she mused.

"She... well, I think she was... well, I mean I know she was...", he started, clearly a bit off balance.

"Oh, I see... She cheated on you. For how long?", she asked.

"Why... did Janet?... I...", he started.

"It's OK. I know how it feels", Victoria said in a more soft tone now. "I guess I just wanted to compare notes..."

Chris let out a long sigh. "Look, you're really nice and I like you and this is my first date in like a long time. I don't really know if this is first date conversation material...", he laughed nervously.

"Well!", Victoria said as her eyes widened. "Now you've got me interested for sure. You can't stop now. Certainly not after dropping hints all night that you are the kind of guy who is focused on a woman's needs."

Her eyes pierced him as he started to chose his words carefully. "She, Karen that is... She... I mean, if the question is how long, it was basically the whole time we were together... A few years. We were living together and everything."

Victoria's eyebrow raised. "I'm not going to ask again Chris. Don't worry, you won't scare me."

"Karen liked... she was poly. She liked to have a lot of boyfriends, and girlfriends. She was kind of a party girl, but we were younger you know. I didn't do this, I mean, I was trying really hard to get established at work. One birthday was enough for me to remember...", Chris stared off into the distance a bit. A minute ago he was wooing her with whatever charms he still had.

What happened, he wondered. As his mind wandered back to those heady days, he realized he was starting to feel uncomfortable in his chair as manhood was now rising under his slacks. He glanced down at the tent he was creating and started to turn red in the face.

"Doesn't sound like cheating to me.", Victoria quipped. "She lived with you? And was sleeping around... She was cucking you. I'm guessing you enjoyed this? What am I saying, of course you did Mr. Ladies First."

"I... Did I like it?", he wondered. "I guess when she was out... She'd come home all exhausted and spent... I mean, I guess I accepted it… I mean we had our good times. We were super young..."

"I’m not stupid Chris, it drove you crazy I bet!", Victoria giggled. "So, if she was cucking you, and it sounds like you obviously liked it, what was the real reason you broke up?"

Chris awkwardly rearranged his pants. "She... slept with a friend of mine... He confessed to me and... well..."

"You didn't tell him you were into it?", she asked shocked.

"I guess I was young and dumb and didn't know what I had... or even if I liked it... Karen and I had other problems too, normal relationship issues... money, you know that stuff. But after she slept with him, I had to talk to her about it... sorta embarrassing. It kind of, well, it kind of spoiled the unspoken magic.", he sighed staring at his half eaten spaghetti. "After a few weeks of fighting, she slept with him again. Just to prove a point to me I guess. Then she left."

"Wow...", Victoria said. "Sad story."

"I--", Chris started but was interrupted by Victoria grabbing the waiter's arm and asking for the check.

"Sorry you had to hear about my crazy past.", Chris said, "I--"

He froze as he felt her foot, under the table, tracing up his leg. She stared at him across the table with a slight grin as she sipped her last glass of wine. Her foot slowly traced up his leg to his now swollen member and traced the length of it with her big toe.

"You know, it's been five years, but you still get off on the idea that she's fucking someone else right now don't you?", Victoria asked directly. "Her body being split open by another man... Her moaning as he pumps--"

cough *, "The cheque, Ma'am. You seemed rather urgent about it…", the waiter interrupted.

"Oh, he'll be paying.", She said flippantly to the waiter, never taking her gaze off Chris.

"Oh, s-sure", Chris stammered as he reached for his wallet.

"So did you masturbate while she was out being fucked by your friend? Did you imagine her body dripping with sweat while he fucked her harder than you ever could?", Victoria's toe pressed harder onto his member, painfully pressing the ball of her foot into his testicles.

"I--- only have a hundred...", Chris said desperately to the waiter.

"Answer the question Chris, you came into your hand, into your sheets at home while she was out being fucked properly. Didn't you?", Victoria said impatiently.

"Yes, of course I did!”, Chris whisper shouted. “I mean, I said I was into it..." Chris tried to regain his composure in front of the waiter.

Her foot suddenly withdrew from Chris' crotch and she looked up at the waiter and smiled, "You can keep the change."

"Thank you very much Madame. And may I say that your date is a very… generous man.", the waiter said coyly.

"Oh, I think so as well.", she said as she collected her small black purse. "Let's go Chris, you're driving me home now." She stood up after sliding her foot back into her heeled shoe and started to walk to the door. Her seductive form swaying as her heels clacked on the artisan tile floor.

Chris stood to hurry after her, minding the bulge in his pants.

"If I may say so Sir, good luck. She is quite a woman.", the waiter said as his eyes lingered on her form.

"T-- thanks... have a great night!", Chris stammered as he hurried after her.

He caught up to her in the parking lot flush and hot, literally vibrating with anticipation. Chris was felt completely out of control, but his mission now was to get her home with some shred of dignity. What was she going to tell Janet?

"Well... that was... new... I've shoved my foot in my mouth at diner before, but never had a foot shoved there!", he joked trying to lighten the mood.

Victoria laughed out loud, "I'm really going to have to thank Janet for this evening. She knows me so well."

Chris hurried to the car and opened the passenger door in his sedan. Victoria got in without a word and sat with her purse in her lap. Chris hurried around to the other side of the car, tucked his throbbing penis to the side and slid into the driver's seat.

"I... I’m sorry, I don't know where you live.", he said sheepishly.

"19 Ravencrest, take the interstate. Quickly.", she said tersely as she slid off her heels into the floor board of the passenger side.

"S-sure", he said as he punched the address into the GPS. Victoria stared out the window as he backed out of the Italian restaurant's parking lot, headed for the interstate. After two blocks of silence, he turned onto the ramp and said, "Look, I... I can't tell if you are mad at me. But she was a college thing and… I was just getting my feet on the ground. I was just telling the truth... I--"

Victoria ignored Chris and seductively raised her right leg up placing her foot on the dash. The left split in her dress pulling all the way up showing dark lace panties covering her shaven sex. A moist spot had formed during the evening discussions.

"Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, ladies man.", she quipped at him. She produced a small lipstick shaped device from her purse and clicked it on. The vibration noise coming from it was audible, even in the car at highway speeds. She greedily slid the device down her panties and pressed it against her clit. She gasped at the sudden sensations and pressed her body into the seat. Poised and in control, she turned to stare at Chris as he drove. With her right hand she teased her clit, carefully tracing the surrounding area with the vibrator in circles, quivering as the shaft passed over the head before tracing around again.

As the warm sensations of sex filled her body, she reached over to his leg with her left hand and started stroking his inner thigh as she brought herself closer to climax. Chris obediently kept his eyes on the road, silently just accepting whatever was about to happen. But his brain was desperately trying to get a glimpse through his peripheral vision.

As they neared her exit, Victoria's breathing started to become more intense and her stroking of his thigh became more like a grip as she held on. The waves of pleasure started to wash over her but she held back, biting her bottom lip. A moan escaped her lips, causing Chris to instinctively glance at the spectacle in his passenger seat. Her left hand swiftly rose and slapped his face sharply.

"Watch the road dammit!", she moaned. "I'm busy over here."

Chris went back to watching the GPS, his hands in a death grip on the steering wheel, his body now more aroused than he had been in years. As they approached Victoria's neighborhood she breathed deeply and reluctantly slid her leg down to the floorboard again. She reluctantly put her vibrator away in her purse, her body quivering slightly and unsatisfied; desperate for release.

"Third house on the left", she breathed. "Go into the garage, I'll open it."

As the car approached she reached into her purse and pressed the garage door opener she had. Chris parked his car next to hers in the two car garage. As soon as the garage door was closed, Victoria ordered Chris to come open her door, which he obediently scrambled to do.

"Come inside, let's have another talk.", she said, now catching her breath.

"I--- are you sure?", Chris said confused, his eyes like a deer in headlights.

"Absolutely!", she said as she went through the kitchen door. "Feel free to make yourself a drink. I'll be out in a minute."

He sheepishly followed her into her house, entering into the Kitchen first. Her house was modern and minimalist. Leather, stainless steel, and glass complemented dark hard wood floors. He caught a glimpse of her gliding down the hallway unzipping the back of her dress as she entered her bedroom. He decided given how hot and flustered he was, he was just going to to drink a nice glass of ice water.

"Have a seat in the chair Chris! I'll be right out!", Victoria called from the other room.

As he moved to the living room, he noticed just how much his cock hurt. The throbbing had been going on for at least 30 minutes, and he hadn’t been this sexually aroused since Karen left him. In the living room he sat in a modern steel and leather chair next to a glass coffee table and a large leather sofa. A flat TV hung above a fireplace and a few minimalist paintings adorned the wlls. The room was dimly lit from recess lighting around the edges of the ceiling, like modern LED candle light.

After a few sips of his water, Victoria emerged boldly from her bedroom wearing nothing but a black see-through sheer gown and was carrying a leather case. She carefully placed the case on the coffee table next to Chris’ water and looked at him intensely.

"Well?”, Victoria asked raising her hands to her hips. “Don't have anything to say?"

"You're so beautiful...", Chris breathed.

"Oh, thank you, I’m just getting comfortable. But you clearly need a lot of help. Let's get you sorted...", she said as she opened the case and produced four leather tubes leather with buckles that were about a foot long each.

"Hands on the arms, boy", Victoria ordered. "I have no idea if Karen was into bondage, but it's something you'll have to get used to, at least for now.”

Chris, confused, placed his arms on the chair arms and Victoria moved in close, her breasts filling his vision through the sheer black material. She wrapped the cuff around his arm and the chair arm and buckled it tightly, binding him to the chair.

"S-- should I take my clothes off?", he stammered.

Victoria just giggled as she cuffed his left shin to the front leg of the chair and without a word followed with the other. After his limbs were bound, she then produced what looked like a weight lifter belt from the bag and wrapped it around his midsection and the back of the chair, pressing him into an upright position. Now, Chris couldn't move his arms or legs, or close his legs. He couldn’t even slouch.

"W... what now?", he asked.

"Now, finally, you need to be quiet!", Victoria snapped and produced a gag from the bag shaped like a short but thick cock. "Open." she commanded and Chris obeyed without thinking. The cold rubber passed his teeth and pressed his tongue down, the head of the cock filling his mouth. Breathing through his nose he snorted in bewilderment, his veins full of hormones his body probably forgot even existed.

"Finally!", Victoria exclaimed as she threw herself onto the couch. She withdrew a similar vibrator to the one she had in the car from the bag, spread her legs at Chris, and started to tease her engorged, glistening clit.

"Oh god", she whispered as she teased her body again. Her hand reached up and squeezed her left breast, gently caressing the nipple with her thumb. Writhing and moaning, she continued for what seemed like ages to Chris. Teasing her clit slowly and sensually, moaning softly, as she drove her body to the edge with the vibrations.

After edging herself for 20 minutes, Chris started to feel a bit light headed. His senses started to come back to him and the overwhelming strain his body was under to be this aroused for this long started to take its toll. He started to whimper a bit behind his gag and the precum from his cock started to show through his white slacks.

As her body now screaming to cum against the vibrator, she continued to pull it away over and over again, keeping herself on the very edge of cumming. Once she felt like she couldn't take any more, she finally rose from the couch and knelt between Chris legs. She aggressively started work on getting Chris' pants, first the belt and then the button and zipper. As she yanked down his pants and underwear, angrily and after she got down his thighs, his cock finally sprang free. It was throbbing red, the head turning a light shade of purple, precum glistening on the tip.

"You look like you need to cum almost as badly as I do...", Victoria breathed. "But, I can't let myself cum with you like... this. It wouldn’t feel as good… Ladies first you know..." She took another look at his swollen member and then turned to the kitchen, her sheer gown showing all her features, the moisture between her thighs glistening during her stride. He heard the sounds of the ice maker grinding ice from the kitchen and then water from the sink. He assumed she needed a cold drink, but when she returned with a plastic bag full of ice and salt water, he just looked at her bewildered.

"I'm sort of like Karen in some ways you know.", Victoria said hypnotically, her nipples erect and her eyes full of fire. "It's not every day you meet a man who loves to be cucked like you do. Maybe Janet finally heard about you and your ex, cause I know I'm the first person she'd think of."

As Victoria placed the ice bag on Chris' swollen member he shrieked behind the cock gag closing his eyes and struggling against the restraints.

"But, I'm also not like Karen in other ways. I don't think cucks should get to masturbate while I'm out getting fucked. In fact, I have a hard time cumming, or even letting myself cum, unless I know there's a man back home suffering, straining, desperate to cum. Thinking about me calling out someone else’s name while I'm getting rammed from behind just making him more frustrated and desperate. Your description was just… perfect… well, expect for this part…", she glanced down at his member.

"But you see, you already admitted you touch yourself while your girl is being fucked properly. You give in and let go of your… duty I suppose. If I had to guess, that's the real reason you and Karen had problems. Because she didn't cuckold you properly. She didn't deny your urges and keep you pure. You were probably grumpy… not like you should be. Submissive. Desperate… Grateful to your friend...", she started breathing heavier as she said the words and watched his cock shrivel against the freezing water.

"I guess you can see me as the opposite of you. You get so excited at the idea that your woman is being shared, her body owned by another man. That I'm cumming over and over on his cock, screaming his name. And I cum so much harder knowing you are not allowed to cum. Weeks, months go by. You don't even remember what it feels like to cum, but you ooze out precum from your cock, trying to get some release... to feel some feeling at all.", Victoria was now clearly as turned on or more by these fantasy thoughts than she was even using the vibrator. “I don’t even like sex unless I have someone like you in my life.”

Victoria leaned over and retrieved a steel device from the bag. Its 1.5" long 1" wide tube and thick ring almost sparkling in the dimly lit room like a magical item. "So, I'm going to lock your cock up Chris. I'm going to lock it away, and never let you cum or complain about what I'm doing. I’ll let you out when I want to feel you and tease you. I had some doubts about you, if you could be the one, but the way you folded at diner under my fingers... its clear you need this... or you might be alone for a lot longer than five years… Certainly you’ll never be truly satisfied."

Victoria reached down between her legs and smeared Chris’ cock and balls with her juices and on the inside of the solid steel tube. She then started to attach the thick back ring, popping each swollen testicle in first. It would have hurt, but Chris' parts were now so numb, he could only look down in shock at what was happening. After, she threaded through his cock, pulling the cold head of his cock through. She then gently slid steel tube on, completely encasing his member. As it slid on, he could just barely start to feel some odd sensations in his cock again. It was again starting to swell and strain.

"Not so fast...", Victoria mused as she twisted slid home the key into the built in lock and removed it.

After the device was on, Victoria checked it for fitting to make sure it was inescapable. She used the tips of her fingers to push as much of his flesh into the tube as she could. Inside the tube, tiny fingers on the inside dug in, preventing the skin from sliding out.

"I can't believe how well this fits Chris... You are really lucky...", she mused. The feeling in his member was almost fully returned by the time she finished wiping down his new steel cock with the edge of her blouse. Satisfied, she started to jerk his pants back up to his waist and said, "Now, I really need a good fucking, and you're the only one here, so I'm sorry, but you'll have to do."

After she finally wriggled his pants all the way back up, buttoned, zipped, and belted them closed, she went back to her bag and bent over seductively, showing Chris her warm and eager pussy through the sheer material. She returned with a strap-on black dildo that she lovingly referred to as "James". After feeding the straps of the dildo around Chris' waist and ass, a huge black member rose from where his steel belted cock now throbbed in its prison, the metal fingers now digging deeper into his flesh.

"Oh fuck, I've needed this for so long...", she whispered as she mounted Chris, feeding her legs through the arms in the chair. With no lube other than her juices, Victoria slowly worked the member past her hungry lips. Gasping, she used small up and down motions as she slowly took it in the whole member, taking a bit more of its length each time. Finally her crotch rested against Chris' in the chair. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. She breathed in sharply and held her breath as she slowly began grinding against the cock, taking it easy and savoring each millimeter of its girth.

After a few minutes of grinding her crotch into Chris’, she leaned back into the cock, her hands resting on his shoulders for support. As her body warmth warmed up the silicone, she started to moan in earnest now, louder and harder than before with the vibrator.

"Fuck.... fuuuckk....", she whispered as she ground her body against Chris'. The view Chris had was fantastic, her skin was beautiful, framed by her sheer gown, now draped to the floor. Her whole body was on display, her breasts full and erect.

Inside Chris’ pants, the steel cage working its magic to force his erection downwards and restrict it to just larger than his flaccid size. His balls were being crushed against the metal as the Victoria's bucking pushed it harder down against the chair. As her pitch rose, her bucking became more erratic. Her legs now hooked around the back legs of the chair, forcing her body harder against the cock.

She started to moan in progressively higher pitches, "oh, Oh, oH, OH!", bucking harder and harder against the cock, until finally she could take no more and threw herself against Chris' chest, cumming wildly as her pelvis continued to work against the silicone lover. Her body convulsing as the aftershocks came in wave after wave.

After a few minutes of panting and resting, she leaned back and looked Chris in the eyes, his deep, desperate, pained eyes. She smiled and said, "Wow, thank you, that was so good... I think you deserve a present for taking this so well..."

Carefully, she stood up off the chair letting the long member slide out of her slowly. She let out a little squeak as it finally popped out and the gaping hole in her lips started to close. When she was finally up, she staggered over to the couch and pulled the leather back pillows off and tossed them behind the chair. Carefully, she tipped Chris back until the chair fell backwards onto the pillows. A few moments later, Chris was looking up at her sex, framed by the black sheer robe just barely touching his chest. Kneeling down to him, she came down to a sitting position on his chest with a knee on each side of his head.

"This is your reward. If you are good, and accept that this is your life now, that your little cock now belongs to me and will never cum again by your hand, then you'll get more rewards. Maybe next time, I'll take out the gag, but this time, this is all you get. And you'll be thankful. You'll be thankful when you just woke up. Or when I'm just done with a jog and it's sweaty. And you'll be especially thankful when this pussy is full of someone else's cum. Do you understand?", she asked headily, almost passionately, like she was wooing a lover.

Chris just nodded, his head a mix of lust and pain. His mind slowly accepting what was about to happen. As Victoria lowered her pussy onto his face and started to rub her juices all over him. Chris felt something welling inside him, not unlike an orgasm, but longer, dull but intense. Victoria re-positioned her body up a bit, and started long grinds against his face in earnest. From the tip of his chin, over his gagged mouth, over his nose, and up to his eyes, she face fucked him slowly and purposefully. After she felt like he had been gracious enough for the first date, she decided to linger on his nose and mouth, pressing down with her weight until he was unable to breath. As he asphyxiated, she reached up and started to pinch her nipples while he struggled to breathe through her sex. She bit her lip as he felt him become more and more helpless against her now very satisfied flesh. After a time of struggle, she finally lifted herself off him as he gasped for air sucking in her juices deeper into his nose.

"It's a good reward isn't it little cuck?", she said looking down at him.

He just nodded as tears of joy, pain, and fear welled up in the corners of his eyes.

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