Bondage Life Magazine collection

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Bondage Life Magazine collection

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I have saved and preserved 84 out of the total 85 Original Bondage life magazines(by a company called Harmony Concepts)
they are in mint condition. I am 68, live with my grandkids and cannot enjoy these any more. Therefore I would like to find a happy home for these great books.
if you are interested please put in a bid at ebay . these books helped me understand that I was not unique or "weird" in my great liking of seeing clothed women tied up for real. Also these magazines have excelled in "By the people" sections including pictures and many articles. While they are listed as "adult Magazines' they are artfully, tastefully presenting a topic that many of us really enjoy.
you can contact me thru this posting as well.....

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Re: Bondage Life Magazine collection

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good evening

I would be interested in your Bondage Life magazines if you still have them.

I can be reached at

Thanks in advance


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Re: Bondage Life Magazine collection

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