Crossdressing without even really knowing

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Crossdressing without even really knowing

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Just a quick story about how I ended up with some female clothing. I really never and probably still don't considered myself a crossdresser. For a few years now I have worn men's bikini and thong swimsuits and thong underwear. During then my wife and I have experimented with me wearing women's panties, just solid color black or blue. Not to mention they we 1/3 of the cost and readily available. My collection of men's spandex tights, bodysuit and thong leotards had expanded and would wear them running or under my clothes in the winter months. My underwear collection is about 50/50 men's and women's thong and that is it no tighty whites, boxers or briefs.

One of my female friends actually gave me a pair of her panties and said it your wife finds them I would be in divorce court. Even though there is nothing sexual about our relationship. I told her they were tucked away in my sock draw. Not too long ago I was in a major car accident with 2 broken hips,ribs and a lot of other things. I could not walk or get dressed by myself for 12 weeks. After 3 weeks in the hospital I arrived home to find all my clothes rearranged so my wife could dress me simply. Low and behold my friend's panties in my underwear pile. Now my friend had no clue I had worn women's underwear for years and I told her my wife found her underwear. She was horrified and ask what my wife said. I told my friend I admitted to my wife I wore women's underwear and she buys them for me. So friend thinks because of her I have to wear panties now to keep the lie going. When the doctors had to reconstruct my hips they cut me open front and back and I have about 4 feet scars. Well the front incision is a couple inches below the waistline and the back is at and above. So trying to wear even lowrise jeans irritated the incisions and I mostly wore sweatpants. We had to go out while I was recovering and wearing sweatpants was not going to work. My wife came home with a few pairs of women's super lowrise jeans that had about a 6" or 7" rise that worked out. She said nobody will know they are women's jeans because they look like plain Levis. Needless to say my wife would dress my women's thongs and superlow jeans to go out.

Does this mean I'm a closet crossdresser? :lol:

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