One for the ladies please.

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One for the ladies please.

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Men just would not understand. For me it has now been over 20 years since I last had sex. I made a vow and stuck to it even though my wife could not have sex owing to a medical problem and she would not do oral not anal play. In fact she could not even do it by hand. So for this time it has been a Hans Solo job. I could never break my promise, even though she died 4 years ago now.

My question for the women only please. Supposing you had a young well endowed stud tied naked to a post (to all men do not rush for the job). Now obviously he would be teased and tormented maybe by you wearing an ultra short skirt/tight shorts and backing your bums onto him and grinding yourself against him.
Later you would be tied naked facing to him. He would be blindfolded so he cannot see your body. A double ended gag would be inserted into his mouth, then when you are secured to him, with the other end of the gag in your mouth, your hands cuffed behind the pole and him, or if he is fastened with is arms spread eagled above him,, your wrists could be cuffed to his and your ankles to his as well. So his cock rests between your legs so you are free to massage yourself on his length, would you have a part added to the pole to hold his cock up or hope you are such a tease he stays up on his own. Then the blindfold would be removed. A strap around your bodies holding yourselves together might help.
Anyone wishing to answer and not show here, please message me. I am writing a story about some poor unfortunate lad. (yeah right!) The nearest I've had to it was one New Years Eve when I was in my kilt and some woman asked if I was as expected and then squeezed herself tight onto me and my cock aimed for her body and I had to get the sporran back quick at the end of the dance.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.

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