Beach party

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Beach party

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For all you men that think it would be lovely to be captured by some beautiful women and held prisoner for them to have their way with you, I think you should think again.

My story starts on the beach. A nice hot day. I thought that as the girls could wear the skimpiest bikinis, I could wear my speedos. I had been there a few days and had started to tan. The girls must be local as they were gorgeous colour. I lay there watching them play volleyball. Even when they sat down, UI was watching them from the corner of my eye. Their bikinis couldn’t have been smaller and it automatically set off a chain reaction in my cock. It was all I could do to stop it peering over the waistband.

I had to lie on my stomach to hide my erection. Eventually they had more than enough playing and sat down on their towels. They were all physically fit. Beautiful with it as well. I noticed them keep looking at me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying though. However, one by one they left until there was only one left.

She was a goddess. The sun shone on her jet back hair causing it to sparkle. The sun beat down and I started to drop off, when a voice said, “Mind if I join you?” It startled me and I rolled over. It was her. She smiled and looked at me saying, “I can see you like what you see”. My cock was straining at my budgie smugglers. I told her she was beautiful and any male would not be able to control himself.

She lay down beside me and we started to kiss. I felt her hand rubbing my cock through the Speedos. It grew stiffer and was hard pushed against the material. I wished I had worn my shorts now. Her fingers encased my balls and shocks went through my body. I didn’t expect that. Wow that felt fabulous.

“Fancy coming back to my cottage for some coffee?” I asked about her friends. “They all live some distance away and have to go home a day earlier than me” This was manna from heaven to me. I quickly agreed. I went to slip my trousers over my Speedos and told not to bother. There wasn’t anyone about.

I gathered my clothes and we walked to her cottage. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tall slender body. She was hypnotic. Poetry in motion. Her tiny white bikini only served to accentuate her suntanned body. She seemed to be in no rush to get to her place, but why should I care? I was in heaven being guided by this angel. Her hips moving in a sensuous way kept my eyes on them. I couldn’t look anywhere else.

Then I saw her place. I said it’s beautiful. Then she told me they only rented it for two weeks. Inside she made us coffee and afterwards we sat on the sofa cuddling, I felt her hand rubbing my cock through the Speedos. Her fingers massaging my balls.
It was decided we needed a shower to get rid of the sand on us. She had hers first and then me. While I was having mine she sent a message to the other girls as I was to find out. I dried myself and put my speedos back on as she was still wearing her bikini.

The constant rubbing of my thigh and running the palm of her hand over my balls and cock brought it to life. It was straining hard against the material of my Speedos. The other thing of course was my stroking her thigh and toying with her body through her bikini bottom.

I was surprised when she suddenly said that there was something she always fancied. I was game for it. In the 17th century cottage, there were thick wooden posts. She told me to stand with my back to one and put my arms around the back, so she could pretend she had captured me. I didn’t care what she wanted to pretend. I only wanted one thing.
I did as I was told and she pushed right up to me. I could feel her playing with my balls through my Speedos. I went to grab her arse but she pushed my hands back behind the post. She was rather aggressive in her kissing so I never realised what was happening until it was too late. The other girls had come in behind me and slapped handcuffs on my wrists. Then she stepped back. I couldn’t get away from the post.

A cloth was forced into my mouth and they wrapped a scarf around my head and the post. My legs were pushed back and a strap was tightened around my knees and the post. This made me completely helpless. My cock was straining against my Speedos. “Poor little thing. Trapped like that. Free the monster” One of the girls said. I could do absolutely nothing as they pulled my trunks down. My cock sprung into life. “That’s handy. We can make use of that” one said as another wiggled my trunks past the straps. Then when they had got them right off of me, they strapped my ankles to the post. I was helpless and naked. The girls were still in their tiny bikinis which made my erection even stronger.

They took the gag off of me and forced two Viagra tablets into my mouth. I was given a drink and although I tried to keep the tablets in my mouth, I failed and swallowed them. Finally the gag was re-applied. “That should keep you quiet for a half hour while we go and have fun”

I watched as they picked my clothes up and carried them off. A half hour later they were back. My erection would not go down. “We have buried your clothes on the beach somewhere out of the tide height. Now go and find them. To keep you happy, there are lots of girls who might find use for that. Good luck”

With that I was herded out of the cottage and the door was shut behind me. I could see the girls laughing at me through the window. I walked about the beach. There wasn’t any single sign of the sand being disturbed. Then I saw the crowd of girls coming my way. Not the original ones, a new crowd. I tried to cover myself up with my hands. The girls were laughing and making a joke at my state. My bum got smacked several times. I tried running. Have you run in bare feet on the sand while others were chasing you and wearing trainers?

I eventually reached some rocks. Which gave me some cover. My erection had not subsided at all thanks to those tablets. Happily the girls left and I was alone once more. I still hadn’t found my clothes though. I was panicking how I was going to get home. Naked and with no car keys or phone.

I went back to the cottage to beg them to lend me a towel. I was let in and handed my clothes. They had been in the cottage all the time. The girls were having fun watching me look for my clothes, especially when the other girls turned up. I was told to put my Speedo’s on while they were fully dressed. “Now you can feel how we felt with your eyes ogling us”. I was allowed to get dressed and was given a great meal.

As I left one slipped a piece of paper in my hand. When I got in my car, I looked at it. It was her name and phone number. When I got home, I found all their names and phone numbers in the boot of my car. Maybe another time I’ll look them up.
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